Topics & Perspectives in Emerging Technologies – MTEC 3140 – HD40

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Topics & Perspectives in Emerging Technologies - MTEC 3140 - HD40
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Entertainment Technology
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An introduction to the study and analysis of emerging technologies and how this relates to and informs practical process. Students will examine how technologies have evolved historically and develop perspectives on how they would best be used in the future. Major topics will include media and computing history, human-computer interaction, computers and culture, and the ethical and social implications of new technologies. Conceptual frameworks in the field of New Media and Studies of Emerging Technology will be explored through a series of readings, which include articles, books and essays that explore technology and its broader implications on society, ethics and cultural production. Through the application of close reads, critical analysis and discussions students will write and create multimodule projects about contemporary issues surfacing around emerging technology and how they apply to their own media production and consumption. This class will function as an incubator, which nurtures discussion, multiple forms of writing and the sharing of ideas.


This course was created by: Chloe Smolarski

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