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Thomas Garcia Mena
Academic interests

Video gaming, anime, culinary arts, Dungeons & Dragons


I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York since 1999. I’m currently enrolled in the New York City College of Technology where I’m studying for my Bachelor of Tech within Game Design & Interactive Media; I’ve earned my Associate’s Degree of Applied Science back in Berkeley College, of which I was studying Information Technology. I’ve have a novice level of knowledge in terms of HTML/CSS coding. Before dwelling into tech studies, I’ve graduated from a culinary arts high school, so I have some knowledge of cooking that I still continue to practice today.

I am a gamer as I love to play video games during my spare time. My favorite genre are mostly RPG games where I love games that tell amazing stories with interesting characters in a memorable setting; something I would akin to reading a novel. I’m also interested in D&D games, whether in-person or online as well.


My Courses

MTEC 1001-OL03, Game Design & Interactive Media Skills Lab, Fall 2021

MTEC 1001-OL03, Game Design & Interactive Media Skills Lab, Fall 2021

This lab-based course offers supportive instruction and training for digital media design and content delivery using a variety of software programs and platforms. Topics covered include but are not limited to raster graphics, vector graphics, 3D modeling, digital audio, and digital video production and editing. The class offers comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction of the tools and techniques for digital imaging, graphics, video, sound, and interactive design. Specifically, students will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, Audacity, Audition, Premiere, and Unity. In addition, workshops have been designed to foster a culture of collaboration and sustainable learning community.

MTEC 1102-OL22, Production Practices, FA2021

MTEC 1102-OL22, Production Practices, FA2021

This course is a hands-on introduction to the best practices for production techniques used in games, interactive and tangible media product development. Students will acquire a deep understanding of content generation, technology pipeline and delivery systems for creating web, mobile, games, virtual & augmented reality, interactive installation and museum display, wearables and physical computing. Students will learn the roles and responsibilities, build the skills for each role, as well as apply the design and development processes for each medium. They will be introduced to design thinking and rapid prototyping techniques, as well the green light process essential to bringing a product to market. The structure of this course emphasizes an integrated and multi-modal approach to game design, interactive media and physical computing with modeled instruction and practice in the technical aspects of production.

MTEC1101-OL20 Emerging Media, Fa2021

MTEC1101-OL20 Emerging Media, Fa2021

This course is an introduction to emerging, interactive multi-media technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project-based, cooperative learning. Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of emerging and interactive media design, including: idea development, research, documentation, presentation, prototyping, and production, which will serve them in the face of rapid changes in technology. Students will explore basic theoretical and applied concepts of audio, visual, haptic, immersive, sensory and interaction design through creative group projects, visiting professionals, field trips and online documentation of their work.

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