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    Daniel Alter

    Question? Several students told me they were able to gain accts. without citytech email but rather Hotmail, gmail, and yahoo. I thought that wasn’t OK.

    If you reset or correct that would they be booted off or remain on?



    Bree Zuckerman

    Hi Danny,

    You’re right–that’s not supposed to happen. Someone with super admin privileges will have to check that out. But, their accounts shouldn’t be deleted if they have already created them.



    Daniel Alter

    Also on the same note….. I had another student tell me today that she is still getting emails to her city tech email acct. even though she edited her profile to a yahoo acct. I was with her while she logged in and looked at her profile and sure enough her yahoo acct. was listed as her email. So why is she still receiving email to her original email acct (city tech)?



    Maura A. Smale

    Thanks for letting us know, Danny — I raised the signing up with any email address issue as a bug.

    As for your student, can you email me her display name so I can report that as a bug? Also, within the Getting Started on the OpenLab handout there are instructions for students about how to forward their City Tech email to an external email account, like Yahoo. Since the college does send important messages to City Tech email accounts, this is a good way for students to stay connected without having to worry about checking two email accounts.



    Jody R. Rosen

    One suggestion about Danny’s student who changed her email to Yahoo but is still getting messages to her City Tech account: Ask her if she’s ever gotten a message in her City Tech account that asked her to verify her email change. I know that would send an email like that, and if you didn’t click through the verification link, it wouldn’t make the change in case someone just hacked your account and changed the email address. Danny, you might ask her to check those emails to see if she has one like I’m describing and if the problem is solved when she clicks that link.

    I could be altogether wrong about this.

    I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all of your effort and engagement with the OpenLab. It’s great to see how much you’re committed not only to using the site but also to sharing the experience you’re having so that the site can get better. Danny, I realize that’s sore consolation for the incredible effort you’ve put in, but I hope you’re seeing the benefits in your teaching and your students’ learning.


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