Microbiology (Bio 3302)

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Microbiology (Bio 3302)
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Biological Sciences
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Fall 2012
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This is a general microbiology laboratory course that focuses on the study of microorganisms from domains Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya. The course will emphasize the study of microbe/host interaction as it plays a very important factor on the health sciences, but also on the contributions that microorganisms provide to different ecosystems, including the human body. The laboratory course will focus on microbial isolation techniques, bacterial staining, microscopy, biochemical identification of microorganisms, among other techniques. This course intends to serve as a pilot for the implementation of high impact practices into the biological sciences classroom by engaging students in the microbiological analysis of their environment. Students will utilize the Brooklyn Waterfront as their laboratory and will analyze water samples for the identification/quantification of microbial communities in their surrounding environment.


This course was created by: Prof. Marie Montes

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