Microbiology (Bio 3302)

we used a PEA plate which was placed in a kennel at someone’s home with accumulated bacteria on it. It had many single colonies after incubation.  It also had growth so it was consider gram-positive.  Other test was conducted and these are the finding:

Nitrate…turn red and it was positive

Citrate…was also had growth and was negative.

Urea was negative , it was redish orange.

Indole..was negative and kovacs was used.

Also, from the colonies taken from the PEA plate, it was smeared with distil water and the colonies, left to dry and heat flamed the put under the microscope.  We also, put emersion oil while the smear was under the microscope.  It was clear from the shape being cluster and grape like, color purple that the bacteria was Staphyloccus aurea.