Microbiology (Bio 3302)

Hospitals can still hide behind closed doors not telling you there wards are positive for MDR AB. That once you contract it your pretty much on your own if the lab cultures even identify it. That it is a gruesome death for those beaten down by other complications, and often go into renal kidney failure just before the worst of it kicks in.

Those that contract this unique bug arent even told what genome type it is because there is not effort to isolate that. Oh, it didn’t come from Iraq – its eeerrr – just some common Acinetobacter. Yet, the CDC, DOD, and VA know this MDR Acinetobacter is a unique strain.

Well, one thing is for sure. It will continue to spread unchecked and uncontrolled until one fine day you end up in a ER and then its your turn to see if you survive it. Then when someone who is rich, in Congress, or just famous dies of this then suddenly it will be important enough to confront. Until then this is a infection of the poor that will run amuck until the death toll rises enough that people will tire of this.

You would think this was a sexually transmitted disease the way people shrug away from it. Yet, ignorance is not bliss when it comes your turn.