Microbiology (Bio 3302)

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  • Unknown WaterFront #6
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    Christina Rodriguez/ Sonia Davidson/ Shaquasia Gaines

    The purpose of this report is to identify the unknown labeled as Waterfront #6 collected from the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront. The unknown was given out by the lab instructor on Phenyl ethyl alcohol agar with sufficient growth. This indicates the unknown is gram positive below is a chart listing the test and results used to help identify our unknown:
    Test Inulin Mannitol Lactose Sims Citrate Nitrate Urea
    Observations Red Growth/Non fermentor pink Negative in motility, sulfur reduction and indole production Green inconclusive No color change
    Results Negative Positive/ Negative Weak acid Negative Negative Negative

    We have identified our bacteria as Staphylococcus epidermis based on the results to the test and our knowledge in microbiology.

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