MAT 1272 Statistics, SP2014

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    Ezra Halleck

    A researcher asks 24 primary caregivers, who work outside their homes, whether or not they would work outside their homes if without working they had enough money to live comfortably. The following are the responses of these 24 caregivers. (N stands for no, Y represents yes, and D means does not know.)
    N D Y D N Y N N D N N Y
    N N D Y Y Y N N N D Y D
    a. Construct a frequency table.
    b. Calculate the relative frequencies as a percentage for all categories.
    c. Draw a bar graph for the frequencies.
    d. Draw a pie chart for the percentages (use a protractor, up to 10 degree error allowed)


    YinYin A. Li


    Ezra Halleck

    Good work Yin! Just keep in mind that on the exam you are going to have to do charts by hand. Also, use either labels for the categories or a legend (key) so that the charts can be understood without looking at the frequency table. I suggest that you edit your submission so as to include the labels. I can show you how to do it during an office hour.


    Caroline Carreño

    Will show in class

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