Interference Archive

The Interference Archive in Gowanus was not what I expected when I got there a small building with a room in the back. It was different in the way it look like a museum and an archive with the difference that we were allow to look through the collection of old zines and newspapers . The collection itself was fully displayed on the walls and stacked high on shelves of posters, fliers, zines, stickers, T-shirts, books, newspapers, and games, videos that was about political movements in the United States and abroad. So many different topic of protestation that we face today and face was something I have not been expose to that made this trip interesting and fun. I hope the other field trip is much an eye opener.


What is a good research?  In my opinion a good research consist of adequate information and evidence that would support a topic. Finding a correct  topic could be a problem if you hold no interest in the subject you researching about. My first major research was in Health Psychology class where the topic was about drug usage and disease. I first research everything there is to know about the topic. Then broke it down to subtopic. And only then i was able to focus my attention to that subtopic. I think it is important to have a topic but also have sufficient information about it. Also a good research requires credible resources and search sites and engines.

Podcast : Monitoring or Prying? When employers’ step out of there boundary.


I want to know more on how employers are stepping out on line by monitoring our working and private life. Our private life should be our own after we clocked out, however that does not seem to be the case with our employer. We are slave to our job 24/7 and we have to act and keep up appearance in our social media platform. Even before we are hired we are being monitored by our future employers. Our upload to our Facebook page profile are look up by human resources before we are hired today in most company.