MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Can someone help me with 11a, 11b, and 11c please?


    Jonas Reitz

    Hi Kiana,

    I’ll give you some tips to get started. In equations with radicals (like these), you should:
    First, get the radical by itself on one side of the equation (for example, in 11a you will need to add 2 to both sides).
    Second, square both sides of the equation (put the whole side in parentheses first!). When you square a radical, the radical disappears. When you square the other side, you will need to FOIL.
    Third, solve the resulting equation (move everything to one side, add like terms, and factor, then set each factor equal to 0).
    Finally, CHECK each one of your answers by plugging back into the original equation.

    Give this a try — if you are working through a problem and get stuck, write back and I’ll do my best to help out.

    Mr. Reitz

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