International Inheritance Laws

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  In Vietnam a person may make a will if that person has attained adulthood. The testator must be clear […]

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Trinidad Inheritance Law

In Trinidad and Tobago inhabitants can make a will, the age of testamentary capacity is 21 years old. The testator […]

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The Republic of Colombia

  INTERNATIONAL INHERITANCE LAWS ASSIGNMENT The Republic of Colombia By Tash Joyner, Paralegal student   Inhabitants of the Republic of […]

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South Korea

South Korea is located in Asia. Their laws of making a will is different from the ones in the United […]

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Singapore My first introduction to Singapore was an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the travel […]

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Senegal Laws of Inheritance

Senegal Senegal legal system comes from the French civil law system when they gain independence from France in 1960.  Although […]

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Saudi Arabia Inheritance Law

There are two governing systems in Saudi Arabia. Quran Law governs Muslims. Non-Muslims are not governed by Quran Law, and […]

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   Panamanian law is deeply rooted in Spanish legal traditions and Roman Law. The First Panamanian code was erected in 1917 […]

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Pakistan Inheritance Laws

Pakistan’s inheritance laws are governed by the Succession Act of 1925, which provides for 2 types of wills: Privileged and […]

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  The succession of estate in law is truly an underappreciated aspect of law. Everyone wants to know what they […]

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