International Inheritance Laws

Flag of Mexico

In accordance with the inheritance laws of Mexico, there are two ways one can distribute their property in Mexico. One of those options is called a “legacy’’. A legacy as oppose to a will can only dispose of your assets that are in the country of Mexico. Inhabitants of Mexico also have the option to make a will, which will allow them to control their worldwide estate. To make a will a person must be over the age of 16 and in good mental health.

Testators whom wish to make a will in Mexico are not obligated to hire an attorney although a Notario Público (Public Notary) must write all wills. Distinctively the law requires that all wills made there be fabricated in spanish. If a person is not fluent in spanish they may be appointed a translator that is recognized by state/federal authorities.

When a person dies without a will in Mexico, property passes under the laws of intestacy. The law states that those who will inherit are those that were closest to the decedent. First to inherit will be the surviving spouse and issue. If for any reason there is no surviving spouse or issue the estate will pass to the parents of decedent. Followed by the grandparents. When neither of those are surviving the decedent the law states that next in line will be brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews and so forth. These laws are if not the same are very similar to those of New York as far as those relatives whom will receive under intestacy laws.

The above link provides information about the “Coatlicue” statue that is displayed in Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology and History. This link however is not to the museum’s direct site, because I could not find much information in direct museum sites because they are written in spanish. Coatlicue, which stands for  “The Mother of Gods”. The Coatlicue statue represents the Aztec goddess whom is believed to have given birth to the moon, the stars and the god of war and sun. She also represents the women who die during childbirth. The sculpture is portrayed claws for feet, that are used for digging graves, she is wearing a necklace that is made of her children’s human hearts, hands and a skull in the center, it is kept close to her chest to cleanse them.