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  • Session 3: Children and Poverty/ The Raising of America
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    Shanae Clarke

    The Raising of America: The video briefly discussed concerns about rising children in America. When compared to other nations, America children’s well- being rank number 19 out of 20 “rich” nations. This is extremely disturbing because America is considered one of the best countries to live in and raise a family. It was also noted that America works more hours than any other rich nation, yet the middle class is shrinking. Its almost like to survive a person has to be in 4 places at once. A new mother doesn’t even get guarantee paid time off. They get a max of 3 months unpaid. In my opinion, I think that is absolutely disgusting. As a “Rich” nation America is the only country that doesn’t offer paid time off for new mothers. This is already a design/ system that is already failing the people of America. A little over 40 years ago the United States of America was number one with the highest graduation rates for both high school and college graduates. Now the country is ranked at 15th and up. Long before high school and college children are exposed to circumstances that will challenge and stunt their growth and development.


    Khoury Archibald

    The Raising of America shows the reality of the amount of work it takes to make a livable income and how the amount of time spent working affects the raising of children. While families with lower incomes are probably more susceptible to have children who struggle, I believe this country need to place a higher value on all forms of education as kids of any income need the time of their parents and quality education.

    The 2010 Census shows the status of many communities and data on population. This information shows many trends, such as the larger amount of women and the areas of need in the country.

    Parental Substance Abuse showcases the affect of the drug abuse of parents on their children. I feel like substance abuse is a disease in that at a point it becomes uncontrollable. Adults are responsible for their decision to start using and should know not to make that choice given the risks. After that it can become an issue that they can no longer control. I feel like often people look at drug users like they actively decide to be an addict and should just decide to stop. I think people make the decision to start and need the proper mindset or proper infrastructure to stop. It can be looked at as selfish (and I think that it is at first) but addiction by definition is uncontrollable.



    Raising of America. As a mental health student when I got pregnant I got informed the ways I could help my child become a better me while being pregnant thanks to me classes. And I’ve taken my time to put one on one time with her and to talk and play. Children are the future and they need the investment. It’s sad people don’t see that. But realistically it’s also hard to really have that time with your child because of work, school or just regular adult stuff. Reality is their really is no easy way to do it especially if you live in a society that just gets more expensive each day.

    Substance abuse is something very difficult. It affects the family and the children most importantly. I’m glad their are ways to help out the whole family. This a mentally and physically strain of everyone. The kids shouldn’t have to go through the abuse at such a young age where they have to fend for themselves due to a parents let down.

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    Crystal Mordiglia

    It’s difficult for parents to spend quality time with their children in today’s society. It’s not like the 1950s where the man went to work and the woman stayed home with the children. The cost of living has skyrocketed and each household needs more than one income in order to pay the bills and have some money left over. It’s like the gentleman in the video said, “it just can’t happen”. Many couples with children work a combined 80-100 hours a week, leaving them with minimal time to spend with their children. Maternity leave does not offer enough time or financial support to women in the US. There is also not enough funding in early childhood education. The DOE has made cuts in the system witch mostly affects our children. Parents are stressed. This stress, in many cases, affects the child. It just makes me believe more and more that money is the root of all evil and that this country was made for the rich.
    Also, the video on childcare in the military shows how this type of care is widely recognized as the best thus far. This wasn’t always the case. Back in the 1980s childcare in the military yielded unsafe conditions. This all changed for the better. The Major General said that if the families of the soldiers were taken care of they would have a sense of security and could just focus on the mission. Civilians deserve this type of childcare too.



    Poverty is defined in many ways and for many reasons. Poverty can be financial and/or environmental. Poverty can be caused by lack of income, education, and/or lack of resources. One of the characteristics of poverty is that poverty that goes from generation to generation. The parents experience poverty, and so do the children. Generational poverty can make people feel hopeless; like hey can never overcome their circumstances because it has existed so long. The lack of education and resources is main culprit. Usually, if the parents didn’t put an importance on education neither will they encourage this for their children, and so on. The statistics show that the more education the less likely someone will live in poverty. I believe that one of the ways to address poverty for children in America is to continually provide resources for families and their children to be educated.



    The Raising of America.

    In the United States parents are working more hours yet finding it difficult to raise their families. The cost of living is continually rising, while the salaries are not. Quality time is cut short, stress levels are high, and our nation is one of the lowest compared to other nations in the well-being of the family. If a woman has a child sometimes this family has to choose between bringing in extra income or nurturing the child while he or she is still young.
    Ironically, when the department of education has to make cuts to programs that would benefit children, we may be increasing all risks.



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    In­fants that re­ceive qual­ity care ac­com­plish more through­out life. The brain de­vel­ops the most in our early years of life, so its im­por­tant to in­crease all pos­si­bil­i­ties for chil­dren. Early child­hood ed­u­ca­tion will make a strong foun­da­tion for a child to suc­ceed ( Not enough money is being in­vested). Now you have chil­dren with PTSD, the same as solider’s serv­ing in wars. Inner city chil­dren are suf­fer­ing. They are grow­ing up in neg­a­tive sur­round­ings. With all the ex­pe­ri­ences of vi­o­lence that they come across, PTSD is the re­sult of this. In all, if you im­prove so­cial con­di­tions that is the start that will help with build­ing a strong foun­da­tion for a child so they can reach their full po­ten­tial.



    The Raising of America
    This video really brought to light the difficulties families have raising children in america and the difficulties the children have being raised in america. One in four children are born into poverty. The U.S. is the worlds riches nation, yet they fail to provide guaranteed paid maternal leave on the birth of a child; therefore, 40% of mothers are working within 3 months after the birth of a child and mostly because they have to. Because of this children aren’t being raised by their parents and there’s no better person to raise a child especially during their infant years, than their parents who will provide them with the love and nurturing that a child needs. The government provided services for families in-which years of data indicated that infants that receive high quality care that this service provided do better in school and life. Congress passed a bill providing these services but needed President Nixon to sign it so that it could become law; however he didn’t sign it and the services wasn’t provided. This country needs to acknowledge the importance of taking care of the young who are our future.

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