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  • Session 3: Children and Poverty/ The Raising of America
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    Please post here your comments/reflection on The Raising of America..



    What happened to session 2?



    Jennifer Ramos
    Session 3

    The Raising of America

    This video is the cold heart true about what is going on in America. A lot of parents do not make enough income to support their children. The parents that do make enough income have to be at work 95% of the time, thus making them not be able to properly take care of their kids. I think there should be more programs to help parents out and to ensure that every child has what they need.

    2010 Census: State Population Profile Maps

    After viewing this chart, it seems there are more girls than boys all throughout. It seems that after 30 people start to die. After 60, the number of people dying goes higher, more severely among men.

    Violence and Addiction: impact on Children

    There are many people around the world that depend on alcohol or drugs. Substance abuse is never a good thing especially when it is the parent of children that are affected. Like this article stated, Alcohol/drugs Reduces the capacity to respond to a child’s cues and needs. Not to mention it makes parents do things they wouldn’t do in their right state of mind like abusing their children. I like all the steps that this program is taking to ensure that both parents and children’s needs are met.



    The Raising of America : What stick out to me the most was the bill that almost happen in 1971 and maybe just maybe if president Nixon signed it maybe things would be different today for these children right now. this was actually something i just heard of so im in a bit of a shock. Also hearing about the DNA and genes and how the environment, housing, diet, etc effect the child DNA and genes!

    2010 Census: there were two files, file 1 show a data table that provides information from 2010 community population, age, sex, household, families, relationship to householder and more. the second file show a new layer of details that has more information, age, relationship, homeownership specify for race and ethic groups.

    Parental substance use and child welfare: It stated 12% of children in this country live with a parent that is dependent on or abuse alcohol or other drugs. this is sad to hear but it’s very true. another fact this article stated that young pregnant women reported the greatest substance use with the rate about 18.3% among 15-17 years old. This is causing so much harm on the child thats growing inside of them more then to themselves. again this is another sad fact but also true.



    The Raising Of America: It would seem to me that comparatively American child are doing worse than other children all around the world in several different areas like education, poverty, and physical health. The culprit i think to blame is right-wing politics. Conservatives don’t really agree with using the federal government’s influence to raise the minimum wage. conservatives believe in the free market and letting businesses run themselves and not really using their influence to force businesses to have paid maternity leave.

    2010 Census: I think it’s very interesting that details on children, including adopted, stepchildren and grandchildren are being included in the U.S. Census. It seems to be very thorough when it comes to their demographics. They even get information on household relationship information.

    Violence and Addiction Impact On Children: As a person who is pursuing a career in substance abuse counseling it’s very interesting to see the specialized fields of Child welfare and Substance Abuse counseling come together. It’s pretty interesting to know that families that are receiving child welfare services are also being investigated for substance use disorders. I’m also interested in the fact that they are prevention, intervention, and treatment services that come coupled with the child welfare services due to the holistic approach to treatment.



    1) 2010 Census- The census is very important it shows how we as a community have to take this very seriously because lots of children are involved. Also, the statistics show how we can decrees the number of run away children and create a safe haven for families with the same problem. And see the targeted population that needs funding and assistance.

    2)The raising of America- This documentation proves that the stigma that American children have it all,and under control is a lie. American children lake in may areas that the education system is lacking and its hindering children and the future. Political influences a lot in the communities and the areas that mostly need funding. Lots of under paid workers don’t want to over work, so there is limited resources to add to the education system.

    3) Violence and addiction impact our children- This topic is very sensitive because people don’t notice the importance and example you are to a child, and everything they see they want to imitate. Children don’t have the ability to distinguish from right to wrong after the age of seven. Children form there personalities as to what they see, there for we have to not abuse authority and have counseling or professional help if we face a problem like violence.



    The Raising of America: The video showed a number of individuals expressing their feelings on the issues concerned with raising children in America. There are several issues in America related to programs, maternity leave, finances, etc. that families with children experience. The individuals in the video also emphasized that children are our future. I agree that children are our future and I believe that it is imperative that they recieve the ncessary care in order for them to strive.

    2010 Census: One of the graphs that the census data shows is the population by sex and age. The graph showcases the number of males and females of a certain age. According to the graph, women have a greater longevity. Additional information from the 2010 census included data of population, housing occupancy rates, etc.

    Parental Substance Use and the Child Welfare System: The article discusses a number of issues centered around parental substance use and children such as the impacts, development, laws, prevention, etc. I believe one of the most damaging factors that comes out of parental substance use is the impact that it has on children. In some cases, parental substance use may result in a harmful environment for the child. Some parents who use substances may abuse their children or negect them. Parents are not aware of how their actions impact their children.



    Violence and addiction: the impact on children – seeing that 2.2 million of children live in a household where the parent abuses alcohol doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of parents who don’t realize they have a substance problem. It’s so scary that the numbers are so high and that children living in a household with a parent abusing substances are more likely to be abused or mistreated. I believe it though, when a parent is under the influence, they tend to be more aggressive and uncontrollable. The article also mentioned how pregnant teens 15-17 have the high rate of substance use which is scary. They are still children and it turns into babies raising babies.

    The raising of America: I love how it talks about children being our future yet there’s no help for the parents. I feel like if parents had more help and support, they would be able to successfully raise their children. When parents have to work long hours there’s no time for the parent child interaction. So many parents talked about raising kids in America and the stress and concerns they have while doing it.


    David Coq

    The Raising of America: From Funding being cut, to no paid maternity leave; we must treat our hard working parents better. In order to raise our future we must provide the proper support. The raising of America entails always the raising of our younger generations to come because they will be our future whom of which will be doing the same to their generation of young ones. The fact that our children are failing should be NO EXCUSE to that, It isn’t fair to us nor or predecessors who fought so hard to advance us to where we are today. Children are our future lets put them on the correct path that they need to be on .

    2010 Census: After viewing the 2010 Census Interactive Population Search for New York it is clear as day to see that almost half of house owners do not reside in their own house but instead they profit from it by having occupants live there. Occupied. 7,317,755
    Owner-occupied 3,897,837. I find that very interesting to see that a lot of people have a business motif in their agenda. doing this is helpful in a way to people that cannot afford houses or a house like environment. According to the graph men have the least longevity whereas women have a more increased number.

    Parental substance use and child welfare: All of us have moments in out lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them. It doesn’t mean to abuse the child if the carpet gets dirty but it means to take the time to explain to the child, methods on how to prevent the carpet from receiving a stain. Putting a stain on that carpet is something you cannot come back from and as a parent once you put your hands on your child you have changed their way of thinking forever. Parental substance use can come from a variety of things such as single parenthood, stress in the household, widowed mother or father, life stressors etc. However never was it okay to abuse substances nor was it acceptable to ever abuse them in front of children


    Yessenia bautista

    The raising of America:
    While watching several of the smaller clips, I was astonished at the statistics that were pointed out on Early Childhood education and the children of America. In addition, I agree that it’s important that children are given the resources needed in order to be successful as an individual. Its important that our government realizes that its best to invest in Early Childhood education in order to prevent spending a larger amount in the long run.

    Parental Substance Use:
    This article reminded me a lot about a substance use course I took over the summer. As mentioned in the article, 12 percent of
    children living in this country are living with parents who depend on drugs. Certain drugs alter the brain and cloud the individuals state of reality. Because of this, children are not getting the support they need from a parent emotionally, physically and mentally. Amongst this population, children living in these households have a higher rate of abuse.



    2010 CENSUS STAT,
    Overall I think the census is a powerful too only if the survey really serves its purpose in targeting areas of need for communities. it would really be self-defeating if this thing has been around since the 1790’s up to our present time, and the government cost to continue the census disbursements to various communities since 2010 has reached a whopping 11 Billion Dollars, then I say” Do you know what can be done with that money alone for resources and programs for families and children? So I’m hoping its effective enough to at least put some kind of dent in various areas where the need is the most highest. I do like the fact that the census now includes options for same sex married couples, as well as, the option for unmarried partners for those who aren’t married.

    There’s a saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, and this video shows stresses the importance of how much can be done if theres a collective focus on various funding, as well as , targeting the governments involvement or lack of in funding for the resources so desperately needed for families and child welfare. like someone said in the video there’s so much that can be done but without the FULL potential to invest the money, time , and true effort in getting things done, then it will continue to be this ripple effect right down to our future generations who will one day impact our country “the children”. Shame Shame on Him for the Veto.

    In reference to this, counseling in the field of alcohol and substance abuse is my area of work. quite a few parents I’ve met always felt that somehow the system has failed them. in working with these individuals I found that alcohol and substance abuse weren’t the only issues they dealt with but the issues started way before the abuse of using and drinking. today I still firmly believe that early prevention is key in engaging these individuals at the level where they are. I can’t just say well let me assist you with your drug and or alcohol problem when there’s strong apparent evidence of depression, bipolar disorders, or cases of childhood physical ,sexual, or emotional abuse that the parents had to face themselves. Substance abuse is a terrible cycle that will continue and must be broken or else it will surpass onto who? the children of these individuals. This is why preventive and treatment resources are crucial in addressing these issues. there has to be consistent effective measures put in place in order to reduce the risk of these children such as early prevention programs, parenting programs to address basic living skills issues, and concrete individualized family planning so goals can be met that are doable, and not overwhelming for the parent as well as the children they are trying to parent. Maybe If more focus goes towards reducing the risk in many of these areas, the numbers of adult children of substance abusers as well as alcoholics will lessen as well.



    The Raising of America

    America needs to invest in children in order to have a better future. Conditions within society need to change, the government needs to provide more funding and good programs to help families in need.

    2010 Census Data

    There were several data maps that showed information about the population. Some showed overpopulation, different ethnic groups within communities. Details of different race, sex, age and housing is even documented. The rise in the population has been drastic over the years. From 2000 to 2010 there was nearly a ten percent increase in the population across America. The House of Representatives has increased their number of seats based on the census. As the population has increased the members represent 647,000 people each. I noticed that the census also goes “hand-in-hand” with voting. If you know the state’s reported population it’s easier to track any voter tampering. State officials can use census data for representation. The economic census is released every five years. This is used to develop useful resources within communities.


    Olatunji McEwen

    The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of our Nation: Exploring this article brings me to the realization that the nation rise or fall based on its investment in giving its children a strong start and nurturing environment. Interestingly the article draws a contrast between our wealth, advancement and the well-being of our children. How comes being the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world but yet our child well-being is rated 26th. The reason why most American children transition from childhood to adolescent with learning challenges and behavioral issues is our failure to invest in the vital years of early childhood. Providing our children the opportunity of a strong start yields a lot of benefits not just on an individual basis but the future well-being of the nation. “The science is clear: When parents are stressed, babies pay the price.” This is why improving conditions for families with young children is one of the best investment any nation can make.

    United States Census; Under-count of Young Children: This report highlights the issue of the under-count of children in the census and survey. It also summarizes some possible causes, observations and recommendations to the census bureau regarding the under-count of children. There suggestions and recommendations are believed will helped in addressing this problem in the future. The task force comes to conclusion that partnering with agencies working with parent and young children and promoting the importance of all children been included in the census could have a positive impact.

    Parent Substance use and the Child Welfare System: This article sheds light on the seriousness of parental substance use, its increase and effects on children and the family. It reveals the challenges in identifying substance abuse and meeting the complex needs of parent with substance use and those of their children. It also exposes some alarming statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services that caught my attention, such statistics are:
    • Studies shows that between one-third and two-third of child maltreatment cases were affected by substance use to some degree.
    • An estimate of 12% of children in the U.S live with parent who is dependent on or abuse alcohol or other drugs.
    • Parental substance abuse can affect parenting, prenatal development and early childhood and adolescent development.
    In spite of the seriousness of this issue there are huge challenges in service delivery for those in need.



    The Raising of America was a harsh reminder that there are some major imbalances in the care for children in this country. All I could think was, “if the parents are well off, then the children will (likely) succeed in life!”. This is awful. It’s as if being poor or less fortunate is a legitimate reason for these children to have inadequate daycare or services.

    Working with a public school Social Worker, I have been able to visit all kinds of daycares and public schools. When I compare the daycares in the richer areas of New York, to the ones in poorer areas, it concerns me to see the things that are “acceptable” in the poorer daycares (like, food and physical conditions of the facility). It saddens me to see that it all comes down to money and politics. I believe that all daycares and public schools should have the same exact standards, across the board.

    Parental Substance Abuse: As I read through this document, all I could think was “how could parents be so selfish?”. The moment you deicide to have a child, you should realize that everything you do, will affect that child in one way or another. It does not surprise me to read that the children of substance abusers are mostly affected in a negative manner. While there is a decent system in place to help these families, it will never be enough or perfect – its like a moving target.



    When people speak in context to America, we find that a lot of people come here for a better life, job, and so many other things. In the raising of America this documentary sheds light on many things people do not always pay attention to. One of the first things that strikes me is the idea that America doesn’t invest in their parents. I agree with that statement. There are so many countries where parents get PAID maternity leave before and after pregnancy which can be vital for the foundation of a family. Poor and middle class are suffering from this because they cannot afford to take off. In America most mothers are back to work in three months. The ranking in one the richest nations in the world makes me wonder why we are not helping families by giving paid maternity leave. It feels to me the only people suffering from things like non paid maternity leave, and funding cuts in schools are the middle class and poor. Americans work more then any other rich nation yet, middle class continues to shrink. One of the big things that stands out to me in that stands out to me is the steady decrease in high school graduates and college graduates, yet we do not invest in our youth. I think this nation fails to see the truth that these charts and statistics are our future. Things like preK get cut and the nation expects children to come straight into kindergarten ready to take on the world. One of the other things said that stood out to me was the idea that investing in a young child is far more of an investment then investing in the stock market. You invest in a child, you’ll get a bigger payback in the child, in the aspects of earnings, reduce crime, reduced incarceration. Investment in the early years are essential for our nations future, our nations youth and the middle class and poor.

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