Child welfare and Family Service

The Orphan Train: The video was about orphan in New York in the 1800, In 1854 New York city was overcrowded with thousands of immigrants, sickness, and poverty which killed thousands and many kids were left on their own which means that they had to go to orphanage which became overcrowded. Charles Lording Brace was the head of the Children’s Aid Society proposed a solution where to relocated those orphans out west. This video show us that human trafficking been around since the 1800, plus poverty this shows us as human service professional that nothing has really changed because some children are still homeless, hungry, being abuse, neglect. What should we do to change this train rack.

Jennifer Ramos – Session 1

Astor Video

Judging by the video, it seems that the Astor Organization has the client’s best interest at heart. They seem motivated to help the children grow and be ready to learn when they go to school. The Staff also seem to be happy when they see that they had made a change in a child’s life. This makes me very happy. Jayla’s story was very touching to me because I know a lot of children that grow up shy and always stay in a corner and I got to see how this program made her grow and more outgoing. I hope Astor continues to do their best to help children.

Cross-cultural skills

In the human services field culture competence is so important because we are constantly working with people that are different than us. We will never have clients of only our background so I agree with this article in its totality. It is important to know and be willing to learn about different cultures so that misunderstandings don’t happen. An example of this would be, in America it is normal to look people in the eyes when talking to them. However in another country/culture it can be a sign of disrespect.

Mary Ellen case

Hearing that child speak at the beginning made me shed a tear. Mary at such an early age was being abused and neglected without being able to do anything about it. I am so glad that the neighbors were able to tell Ellen about it and didn’t just stay quiet about it. Ellen is a hero for not stopping in trying to help the little girl. Ellen is the perfect example of what a human service worker should be like. Doing whatever it takes to help the person that’s in need.

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