FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

NIcholas Taveras

My First Few Weeks at City Tech…

My first few weeks at City Tech have been very adventurous and full of new experiences. Ive experienced so many new people and places. Ive made friends and interacted. Ive leaved new things and shortcuts. Ive gotten used to the everyday bus and train routines. The college environment and life is such a drastic change from the laid back high school life. Going from a senior in a building you’ve been in for 4 years and know the ups and downs of to an entirely new place with multiple buildings and multiple personalities is a big step forward in life. For some it was difficult, for some it was crazy, but for me it was awesome.
For example, a very active day was the other day when me, Dylon, and Damonne were on our way home after a long day of classes. It was raining pretty hard and we were trying get to the F train quick. As we sprinted across the street i had noticed in the corner of my eye that Dylon’s tube had popped open from the bottom and was letting everything out. So i looked down and saw his tracing paper rolling down the road. I acted as quick as i could and went to go grab it. When I grabbed it it rolled even more so i let go and looked up. When I looked up i saw a prison bus coming closer to hitting me. I ran off the street. When i looked at the tracing paper the bus had ran it over and that was the end of Dylon’s tracing paper. This whole this was a flat out mess but it was jokes