FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Herman Cheng


ENG 1101

My name is Herman Cheng. I am a student attending City Tech College. I am a freshman majoring in Architectural Technology. It’s been well over three weeks or so since I’ve started this new journey in college. So far I have no real opinions or any feelings about the school or anything in general. I think it’s far too early for me to have any opinion or understanding of the school. It’ll take time with growing and having different experiences around this school. I’d say the people in this school seem way to nervous and they don’t look confident in themselves. I can see it in them. They’re either trying way too hard at something or they just look really clueless and nervous at what they’re doing. But compared to other students at colleges like Baruch these students at City Tech are not as egotistical/grimy or as spoon fed. So as a first impression of attending City Tech I’d give it a 8/10. As for teachers and my classes, I really have no care about them because I won’t be seeing them after each semester and year. But they’re fair and the same as the teachers I had in high school. But so far I enjoy going to this school and but I don’t enjoy going to school, big difference. Thank you.