FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Starting college as a first-year student can be hard because of the transition you have to go through. The most challenging part about it is the fact you don’t have someone to help you one on one. As a college student you have to figure out everything on your own, no matter if you have no clue of what your doing. In addition, you have to learn to take good notes and be very attentive because the professors will go really fast through the lecture. The one thing I did learn from college is that it prepares you for the real world. You have deadlines for projects and papers. No one in college in on top of you to see if you are doing your work, if your work is not done by the due date you get a zero as a grade no explanation or questions asked. This helps prepare you to the real world because you don’t have no one telling you when and how to do certain things. Online learning has been hard because I don’t understand how to use certain apps like zoom or college bored because its hard to submit some homework. I found it hard to connect and fill out Financial Aid and Tap on your own with no help at all. I really wished there was someone to help me out one on one and explain step by step. In college you don’t know the grading process so you have to try and figure out what a 4/5 means and what grade that is. You have to plan your time in order to get things done, because if you don’t you will end up failing your classes because you work was not handed in on time. In the other hand I am glad that the classes are online because I don’t have to travel one and a half hour to get to city tech. Starting college online as a freshman may be overwhelming however it is a great advantage that we have.