ENG1121, Section D421: English Composition, SP2016

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  • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1: Writing Autobiographies
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    This is where you can post your writing autobiographies from Monday, February 1st!

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    Mike Passarelli

    Writing: An Autobiography
    To discuss ones relationship with writing is to discuss ones relationship with themselves. All works of prose are not created equal, but each time a writer commits thoughts to words, they carry the same self-defined ethos of the author; a thesis proposal carries the same strength of character and heart as a diary entry riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Though form, content, and tone may be different between the two mediums, both are greater than the sum of the words and sentences used within. Sometimes, we are forced to divorce ourselves from our writing by recognizing and removing our own bias and supplanting that with objectivity. This is, understandably, very hard to do. But even in the attempt to shed our subjectivity, we learn about ourselves, which will, in turn, help us better express ourselves through our writing.

    My relationship with writing is difficult to nail down. I struggle to communicate my thoughts and opinions verbally; concepts that seem so transparent and crystalline in my mind shatter and become opaque as they leave my throat. I value the ability, in the modern era, to so quickly transcribe and organize my words and ideas on a digital canvas. At the same time, writing is often a chore; the means to an end where I demonstrate understanding or comprehension of a given subject. It’s contrary, yes, but not paradoxically so. I like to write for me. Therefore, the real challenge is not the writing process, but adopting the conviction that what I am writing is important. Writing is self-expression, and being understood and appreciated in your expression of self is important.

    M. Passarelli


    Mike Passarelli

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    Ulices Miranda

    My first memory about writing was during elementary school. It was 1st grade, I recently came from another country with little to no experience on writing, and the first task that I was asked to do was to write out my name. It was something that at the time, I was unable to complete because I didn’t know how to spell it out. Throughout that day, and few more after those, I felt demoralized.

    I like writing. I can’t say that I dislike it or even hate it. But my biggest problem in writing would be myself. Reason being is because I am a very lazy person. I tend to think more and write less, I don’t organize my thoughts and I drift off from my objectives and eventually never get anything done.

    I believe the most fun part about writing is receiving acknowledgement from peers, teachers, and outside sources that understand and respect your work. I received the greatest amount of praise during elementary school, because of my impressive grasp of the English writing and language.

    For me the most difficult part about writing is concentrating on my thoughts and getting down my opening sentences and finished intros.



    My first memory about writing was during elementary school. It was in 1st grade or 2nd grade my teacher had the class writing what we thought poems were. Everyone had to stand up in front of class and read what we thought were poems and read the poem we had made. After redaing mine in class, my teacher came to me and gave me some feed back; she said she really liked it and how did i now how to write a poem like that. she had me revise it and post it on the class board for an example on how to write a good poem. yes i love to write i gives me a way out of my own head and be able to write what i feel with out any criticism. I think writing is little of both easy and fun, i say this because its easy to write what you feel but it hard to write it exactly how you, it fun to an certain extent. when being forced to write something you have no idea on how or what to write about. for me the difficulty in writing come up when grammar come in to play.


    Briana Roldan

    Writing Autobiography
    I have a very strong relationship with writing. It is a very large part of who I am both intellectually and emotionally. Writing has always been my gateway to liberation. Through writing, I feel like I am able to voice my opinion, to voice my perspective on something that many other people see differently. It has been something that I do for personal enjoyment, to pass the time, or even to help remember certain people and memories. I find happiness in the writing process. My first memory of writing comes from elementary school. I believe I was in the second or third grade; I was required to take a state test in order to pass the grade. The test consisted of reading and writing comprehension, along with critical thinking. I remember writing a great essay and answering different questions. My teacher was beyond proud to tell me that I had gotten the highest score in the class. After moving onto third grade, I realized that I loved to read and write in an academic setting.
    Sometimes it can be difficult for me to stick to just one topic and not go off into this huge tangent of words, other times my ideas flow with every single word. During high school, I began to keep a journal where I recorded many different things. I wrote poetry in it and documented my struggles, my fears, my love, and memories in my journal. Now when I have too much on my mind I am able to sit down and have a writing session with myself. Writing in any sort of environment is refreshing and cathartic for me. I enjoy that I am able to display my perspective, my passions, my fears, my happiness, and life through words.


    Tony Truong

    My first memory of writing was back in 1st grade when I had to write a paragraph about what I liked. As a child, I liked a lot of things but for some reason I couldn’t put my thoughts on paper. When my teacher went around class to look at our papers she saw that I didn’t write much. Thankfully, she was more than happy to help me out after class and she made me realize that writing isn’t so hard as long as you list your thoughts.
    I enjoy writing a lot more compare to my other classes because it allows you to be more creative. You’re not restrained to doing the same thing as everyone else like in a mathematics class. You’re allowed to give your own opinion on things and share your thoughts.
    I believe writing can be easy when the topic you’re writing about is enjoyable and is easy to relate. Students can write pages of information about things they know a lot about or what they like however it can be extremely difficult when you cannot organize your thoughts.


    Justin L Lesta

    Writing Biography
    My first memory of writing I believe is in the third grade learning script. I feel like that memory jumps out because I hate writing script and had a very difficult time with it. Which if anyone has seen my signature on paper will not be to shock with. Do I like writing? I would have to honestly say no I do not because I am a very visual person; I am an “adult” now and I still rather a picture book then all words. I like art and even in music appreciate the beat more than the lyrics for the most part. While I do not like it much does not necessarily mean that I am bad at it, I would say i write well but can just be unmotivated, careless and lazy or have the bad habit of trying to rush myself. The easy part of writing to me would be just flowing once I have an idea, after an extended period of procrastination I can categorize and arrange my thoughts pretty good although I do believe I have a lot of room for improvement. The difficult part is wanting to write, staying interested or mostly focused because I usually have so much on my mind or nothing and just blank out looking into space in school or home which I’m sure can hold back more potential.


    avril padilla

    Avril Padilla
    My Biography

                        I don’t have much memory of myself when it comes to writing.  The only thing that I can remember when it comes to writing was getting good grades.  I am not really sure why that is.   The one thing that has stayed with me is my love for reading books, fiction preferably.  

                         I really don’t like writing at all.  I am not sure if it is structuring sentences, the grammar or spelling.  I don’t like putting my thoughts into words on paper.  It takes a lot of time to put one’s thoughts down and formally structure it into written word.  

                          The one thing that is fun about writing is getting to use one’s imagination.  For me, I am not that creative.  I am very shy when it comes to my thoughts and letting others know what’s in my mind.  I guess I need to keep practicing on getting my creativity out and putting pen to paper.  




    The first time I wrote a story I was about 7 years old. I had to write a story about where I lived. I went around my neighborhood asking the elderly facts about our community. It was a fun project because I had the help of my parents and my older brother. Writing was a bit difficult for me when I was younger and math was my favorite subject but when i started college the roles were reversed and I loved English and writing and disliked math. Before I didn’t necessarily like writing but I loved reading. I only wrote because my grades depended on it but as time progressed and the more I read the easier writing became for me. It was a lot more fun writing after reading countless books. I didn’t see writing as a task anymore. Writing is easy when it comes to writing about things I know about. It is difficult when I have so much to write about and sometimes stray from the point, so sometimes I have to go back in there and shift things around.

    -Vanita P.



    Pablo M
    My first memories of writing was during second or third grade when the teacher had the whole class write about what you do outside of school in one paragraph. But I really didn’t know how to write and read that much sense I come to the United States at age of 5 so I really didn’t know how to spell most of the words or read them. But I think English to me now is great but I still don’t like to write depending on the type of story you’re reading and type of essay you need write but knowing that you’re learning new things about it and getting information from reading and writing it’s kind of good. that’s the only thing I like about English, it’s fun reading with others and writing but my problems is when I write sentence that are too long that could be write-in one sentence also organizing my essay also sentence and how to end the paragraph with a strong ending.


    Bryan Carranza

    Writing biography

    I’m not very fond of writing. The only memory of writing I can recall was in first or second grade when the teacher gave a spelling quiz, which I barely passed. At the time I was in bilingual school so I was learning to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish. Growing up in this environment was tough. I would always get mixed up between Spanish and English language. This was frustrating because it impaired my writing capabilities. Another reason, why I’m not huge fan of writing is due to the fact I can never fully translate my thoughts onto to paper. My hand can’t keep up with my mind. The ideas flow and once I read them they are all over the place, there are no smooth transitions between ideas. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean I dislike writing, i just prefer to read people’s work rather than to create my own.

    -Bryan Carranza


    James Guity

    The first time I remember writing anything was way back in the 2nd grade. Although I was supposed to write about a real experience, I made up a story and told my teacher it was a dream that I had. The story was about my dad and I snowboarding down a huge mountain. The story was something that would never ever happen. From then on, writing became a challenge. I felt like my mind didn’t possess enough creativity to produce stories, to describe literature, or even persuade audiences. After elementary school, writing became even more rigorous and I didn’t even know how I passed.
    I do not like writing. It’s very annoying to sit and focus on something that requires attention and continuity. I’ve spent numerous hours procrastinating in between paragraphs while writing for English classes. The one easy thing about writing is the freedom to write whatever you want whenever you want. There are no true rules, besides grammar, when writing an original piece. The hard part about writing to me is staying on topic and using proper phrasing to convey an idea. I’ve had issues with staying on topic in the past.



    I believe the first memory I could recall of writing was back in second grade when I had to write a summary based on the “reading” I had which was a 15-page kid’s book. I honestly disliked writing because what I found difficult was putting my thoughts on paper and the most important of all, the order you must arrange to be cohere. Also I wasn’t the brightest kid in the second grade which I was a very slow learner, so my relationship with writing became very distant afterwards. Now fast-forward into 12th grade and I had film class, which was the reason why I started enjoying writing. I was able to be creative with my writing and express myself on paper easily where I struggle to express myself verbally. My relationship with writing drew closer and soon I realized I had a passion with writing.


    Matthew Edelmann

    My first memory with writing was not knowing how to read or write. It made me very sad. Everyone else knew how to read and write but I couldn’t. They made fun of me for it. That made me extra sad. So I left my school and went to a new one. I had to repeat the 2nd grade. This new school taught me how to read and write but it took a few years. I was probably about 9 years when I could properly read and write. I think that both reading and writing are useful skills that everyone should learn, at least in one language. There are still a lot of grown adults on planet Earth that do not know how to read or write an any language. Because of this (and often other factors) they end up living their whole lives in poverty. This is because the modern world requires reading. That is why when I finally learned how to read I was happy. In fact, I was very happy. Now I read all the time. But not books. I don’t read them much. However, everyday life requires reading. For example, when I go to a restaurant I can read the menu and know what I want to order. I would not be able to do that if I could not read. That is just one example but there are plenty of other examples. So that is a short story on my first memory with reading and writing.

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