ENG1121, Section D421: English Composition, SP2016

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  • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1: Writing Autobiographies
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    My very first memory of writing was when I was in first grade. We had to write about ourselves, what we liked and sometimes what we did during our weekend. I don’t like writing as much because I always come across problems when writing. I always had vocabulary and grammar errors when it comes to writing. The thing that is fun and easy about writing is when you can write about something you like. You get to write about your opinions and why you like it so much. You just have all these ideas about it. The thing that’s difficult about writing for me is when I have ideas but putting them in order and organizing them is hard. I also have problems with vocabulary words and sometimes using the correct tense. Writing is also difficult for me when you have to write pages of essays and sometimes you run out of things to write.



    The earliest memory that I have of writing is in the 4th grade. Every week my teacher made my class write down on two different post it notes. What we wondered about the world and what we remembered of our childhood. From thereafter, I was introduced to many books.
    In the 11 grade, I wrote a 7 page research paper on the American Dream. In my senior year it was a 10 page research paper on a topic of our choice. I wrote about the NCAA athletes and defended the idea of why athletes should get paid. My high school teachers always complimented me on my writing.
    What is fun about writing is that you get to express a feeling or idea and you get to learn a lot of vocabulary which in fact will help you speak better. What I dislike about writing is the preparation that goes behind it because I don’t like making outlines. I would rather freely express my ideas. The troubles I sometime have with writing is distinguishing between the words ” were ” and “was”. Other than that, I like to read and write as long as it’s nonfiction.


    Melany C.

    Melany C.
    I don’t really remember much, however, I do remember writing small letters to my mother when we started to write and read in class.To help improve my writing I used to rewrite articles so I will learn to spell new words. From there I started to read a lot which also help me improve with my writing and it’s something I really like to do now. However when I came to the United States, when I was 11I did struggle with writing since I will get mix up with Spanish. I went back to rewriting articles or song to learn and improve my English.
    I don’t like writing much but what I do like about writing mostly is to do different types of handwriting, it’s a way to show some art skills.
    Writing allows you to express your thoughts or led your imagination to take over to create interesting stories that can be for yourself or share with others. What it’s difficult to me when writing is to put my ideas together and organizing.


    Jorge Martinez

    My first memory of writing a complex piece was in 4th grade when I had to do a short essay response to a story. The topic itself was not challenging, but at the time I found it hard to understand the reading. I feel that I sometimes like writing while I also sometimes detest it. It all really comes down to what I am writing about. I have love/hate feelings towards English, which goes back to the point I made about it all depending on the subject at hand. I hate reading/writing about texts that are really boring and seem to not really have a point. I love reading books that have to do with current events, & also sci-fi books. In short, reading is a fun activity to me if I am reading about something I actually enjoy or care about. Otherwise, I really have to set my mind to just pull through and read the text, even if I do not enjoy it.



    I have never always liked writing. When I was younger, my two biggest struggles were spelling and actually doing my essays, I was a huge procrastinator. For a long time spelling affected the quality of my essays, I felt like I had a pretty vast vocabulary but this hindered me from using it. Then came my seventh grade English teacher, I told her about this problem and she offered me a solution. She said any word I can’t spell I must find the word, say the word, say each letter in the word and repeat this ten times. At first I thought what she was saying was stupid, until I tried it, surprisingly it helped a lot. When it comes to doing essays I procrastinate a lot. Since I started college it honestly hasn’t been that bad. Back then I wouldn’t do my essays until the last day, then when I actually starting writing it was rushed and sub-par. To cope with this I write one part of my essays each day so it feels like I’m not doing that much. This made writing a lot more fun for me; also it’s usually better organized when I do it this way. My favorite thing to write about is my life experiences.



    My first memory with writing would probably go back to when was in first grade. During first grade we did basic writing, just forming sentences and putting them together. I never did like writing stories or anything of the sort what I really did enjoy however was writing poetry. It was the small rhyming kind but I really did like it. There was this book that published poems of varies kids in grade school or even in junior high, and my poem got chosen from my class to be published in the book. It was a great feeling and thats one of the reasons why I believe this is my first real experience and well memory of writing.


    Tomi Pemaj

    My first memory of writing was in elementary school writing short book reports about some kids books. No specific book comes to mind but, I remember having to read and write about it in class and at home. I always found those books reports as really boring to write. I like writing but, more specifically writing stories. I very much enjoy writing stories for characters I am familiar with. The easiest and most fun part of writing for me is when I have a good starting point so my mind just keeps going and coming up with parts as I go along. That makes improvising very fun for me. The most difficult part of writing is when I can’t think of a good starting point causing me to be stuck in the beginning of a story and/or essay. I have always had a difficult time trying to thing of good introductions without seeming generic and boring. Continuing stories/essays has always been easy for me. I just always have writers block with introductions.

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