ENG1121 D435 Fall2019

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  • Due 5PM on 11/10: Genre analysis of your mentor text
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    Amber Slater

    Hi all!

    For this homework, you’ll decide on one genre for your multimodal remix. Then, you’ll find one sample from within that genre and do a genre analysis of it. This will help you to understand what the rules of the genre are for when you create within that genre.

    Use the following vocabulary words in your genre analysis of the mentor text:
    Purpose- Why are they writing?
    Audience- Who are they writing for?
    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- strategies to convince someone
    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)
    Common elements- what different samples of the genre have in common
    Style- writing
    Design- visual
    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument?

    Example: I’m going to create a mural for my remix project. Common elements of murals are that they are in public spaces where everyone can see them, and they are often large in scale.

    The mentor text that I chose is Keith Haring’s “todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA” mural in Barcelona, created in 1989. His purpose was to get people talking about the AIDS crisis, and his audience was people walking past the mural. The main rhetorical appeal is pathos because it makes the audience feel hopeful about the power of people working together. The modes are written and visual, and the media is a mural on a wall. There isn’t a particular writing style because the text is really short, and the visual design is simple and only uses one color. Haring’s art usually uses more colors, but this piece is simple and only uses red. There are no sources.


    Mykhal Parson

    I am making a video compilation combined with audio and/or text to show gamers spending unnecessary amounts of money on micro transactions.

    The mentor text that I chose is a video form YouTube entitled “I spent $1000 on NBA 2K19 and got this..”, which was uploaded on December 11,2018 by Troydan. The purpose of this video was to show the audience that in some cases, it may take hundreds of dollars to get what you want from a video game . The audience was gamers who play NBA 2k’s MyTeam mode. The main rhetorical appeal Troydan uses is pathos because he gets the audience “hype”/excited when he is rewarded with one of the best cards in the game. The modes used are visual, audio, and written. There is a video of Troydan opening the packs, commentary over the video, and text to show how many packs he opened and player rarities as well. This video shares common elements with other pack opening videos such as: music after getting the player he/she wants, sound effects for in game actions, and advertisements at the beginning of the video. There isn’t a style because writing wasn’t used for the video. For the design aspect, there are different advertisements, and zoom in effects used at certain times. There aren’t any sources.


    Brianna Bermudez

    For my remix project I will create a public service announcement, or in other words a PSA. Some common elements of a PSA is for it to have a call to action, a message, and relevancy. Of course it also must have a way to get to a specific audience in a public manner, whether that is on social media, radio, television, and etc.

    For my sample of a PSA I will Use Truth. The purpose of their PSAs is to get people, mainly teenagers and young adults to stop or prevent people from smoking cigarettes, and/or vape pens. The rhetorical appeal for these PSA announcements are pathos, ethos, and logos. The modes and media are visual, audio and these PSAs are presented online as advertisements or tv commercials. They do present writing in their videos, the text is usually orange and a bubbly kind of font. It is bright, fun looking and catches young people’s eye.



    I’m going to create a photo essay for my remix project. Common elements of a photo essay are photos and caption.

    The mentor text that i chose is Touch a life “Photo essay: School Day” in Ghana at a private school near the Touch a life Care Center.
    The purpose was to show people what children do in a day at school. The audience is everyone outside of a school. The main rhetorical appeal are ethos and pathos. The modes are written and visual, and the media is an online magazine. The writing style is plain and simple. The picture are bright and colorful. There are no sources.



    I am going to create an instagram posters for remix project. where people, especially those who use social media can have access to read and react to other people’ opinions.

    the mentor that I chose is “Human in New York”, which gives access to everyone, coming from different community, countries, have different stories, and come settle in New York. The mode is visual and written. the logos is that New York is a diverse place where you can find many people from different countries (Beliefs, culture, traditions, etc.), come to work to support themselves and their peers or relatives, anyone who reads a story might feel concern. There’s no source



    I am thinking of using a youtube video as my remix project but use Humans of NY as my backup if i cannot edit the video the way I vision it. the youtube video will use different cuts of toxicity and use humor with it such as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdg6cnE6IyM

    Purpose- In Humans of NY, they are writing to showcase a story from a random individual. In the youtube vid, he is trying to push an agenda against a toxic player.
    Audience- Humans of NY are writing for everyone on instagram/facebook. In the youtube vid, he is calling out to Riot Games to ban toxic player.
    Rhetorical appeals (ethos- credibility, pathos-emotion, logos- logic)- Both use pathos and the youtube video also uses logic that a player that toxic should be banned.
    Modes (audio, visual, written) and media (how the modes are conveyed)- Humans of NY use visuals & written word whereas the youtube video uses all three.
    Common elements- Humans of NY always have a picture of the person and a caption as the story. The youtube video tries to capture toxicity in the chat on the players tendencies.
    Style- Humans of NY use an Instagram post for their style. The youtube video is of league of legends gameplay so the style would be using that and the chatbox ingame.
    Design- both samples utilize visuals.
    Sources- do they use outside info to back up their argument? Both samples do not use any source unless personal gameplay of the toxic player is a source.



    For my remix project, I will be doing an informational video on the stigmas and statistics on mental health in college students. But I will also be doing some vlogging, like a “day in the life of a City Tech college student.” The goal of the video will be to show how mental illnesses are impacting our college students and what can be done to help.

    My mentor text for the informational portion of the video is the YouTube video titled, “College Anxiety and Depression” (https://youtu.be/zNlwRGc3LS8). In the video, they use visuals and statistics to help the audience see how big this issue is.
    For the vlogging portion of the video, my mentor text is the YouTube video titled, “college week in my life: a mental breakdown.” This video struck me because it was very raw and the vlogger even stated in the description box how she was scared to upload the video because it showed her in a very vulnerable state. This is exactly what I want to achieve with my project. Because this is all very visual, it gets the audience to connect more with you and have that emotional connection.



    For my remix project I will do how advertisments affect people.

    The purpose is to see if the ads will get people to noticed them more. The audience are the people. The appeals will be pathos and logos because the ads use people’s emotions to their advantage. The modes are audio,visual and written. Common elements include the style, the colors, the people on the ad, etc. The style can be the fonts used on the ad. The source can be from outside info.


    Toni Ann

    For my remix project I am thinking about using poster as well as short videos to highlight the sexism and gender discrimination in the restaurant industry for my remix project. I’ll be posting the facts like what Grub hub as done with their campaign to support and shine light on the discriminations within the industry.

    The purpose of the HER campaign is to support women chefs and restaurant owners thus enabling women to have a fighting chance within the industry. The app allows users to pick restaurants owned or operated by female chefs.
    Rhetorical appeals present are ethos- they use credible sources such as women with in the industry and give them a voice to speak on their own experiences. Pathos-emotions such as feeling positive as you can become apart of change, disgust that women still have to struggle in todays modern world. logos-supporting women.
    Modes& media -audio, visual and written all are used
    style- digital App, they advertise using YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
    Design-visual and verbal
    Sources- They use female chefs to give feedback and to speak on their expertness in the industry.


    Joshua V


    For my remix project I will create a photo essay for city students to realize the difference between other colleges and city tech regarding sports/clubs.

    The mentor text that I chose was a photo essay of separate and unequal schools.
    The purpose of their photo essay to bring awareness of the inequality in school districts.
    The audience would be the general public
    The rhetorical appeal for this sample is pathos , logos and ethos.
    The modes are written and visual
    The media would be an online article
    The style was plain and used graphs
    The design would be use of bright pictures and choice of pictures to feature
    The sources used were graphs to empathize the drastic difference within these schools.


    Janet C.

    For my remix project I am thinking of making a photo essay and this link showed a great example of a situation and photographed to tell a story , with multiple shots taken each photograph shows the way a person is arrested by police https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/vdxbv3/positions-taken-0000696-v22n7
    Their purpose was to recreate their experience by being photographed and they tell their story of when they encountered police.
    The audience of this project would be to the general public, people who want to show their experience/ encounter with police.
    This project showed ethos and pathos, the people who joined this project were open to tell their story and when visual seeing the photographs it can make the audience emotional: they would think , what would it be like to be in their shoes. The photographs are black and white and it makes it look like a serious purpose. Their big source were actual people who were arrested.


    Hadeel A

    For my remix project, I am doing a photo essay about the lack of extracurricular activities in City Tech.

    The purpose of this photo essay is to show different opinions about the topic and to show that most of the student at city tech feels the same way about the lack of extracurricular activities on campus. The mentor text that I will be using is “What Makes a Photo Essay Unforgettable.”




    For my remix project I’ll probably make some type comic about video games and association with violence

    My mentor text is a webtoons comic call unknown caller
    Purpose: mention scary stories about a caller.(typically around Halloween)
    Audience: the audience is whoever on webtoons who likes scary stories
    Rhetorical appeal: ethos:their fiction so I guess the artist pathos: trying to scare you. Logos: the jump scares make it seem like it’s on your phone
    Modes: audios: music visual: the illustration written: dialogue
    Media: comic
    Common elements: well theirs audio in a comic
    Style: creepily and more dark text
    Design: darker colors
    Source: Webtoons



    For my remix project, I’m thinking of using google slides because slides can be used creativity by using pictures and write information that can help my message.
    Purpose- I can use google slides to reinforce my claim about working conditions
    Audience- the audience would be workers, companies and organizations that give jobs
    Rhetorical appeals- the main rhetorical appeal would be logos because I can use logic and reasoning by using evidence, problem-solution structure and cause-effect structure to support my claim.
    Modes- I will use writing, pictures and stories from real people
    Style- there will be short writings that will come with pictures that relate to my topic
    Design- there wouldn’t really be that much to design besides making the presentation
    Sources- no sources

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