ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Hernan Marquez

    Hello my name is Hernan Marquez, I am taking this class because I like the idea of expressing my ideas. I feel that this class will exercise my mind and will be exposed to a variety of types of writing and provide me with opportunities to create my own work. I have never taken a creative writing class in the past so I was willing to take one this semester which I am excited for.

    I have mostly done nonfiction writing in my high school years where I would have to brainstorm ideas for a research or in class writing assignments. Currently I feel that it is my strongest type of writing based on my experience.

    In this semester, I am eager to learn graphic novel writing. I have not tried this genre but found it interesting doing a quick research about it. I think my creativity in general will allow me to deeply put my imagination in paper.



    Hello Everyone, hope you’re well during this pandemic. I’m Fahamida Akther. My major is Bs in chemical technology. I’m taking a creative writing class because of fulfilling my creative expression requirement. Though I had many options to choose my class, I take this class because from my childhood I love to read poetry and fictional story. Also, I want to improve my writing skills by taking this class.

    I’m not that good at writing. I usually love to read poetry, fiction, or any kind of book instead of writing. But I’ve done so many fictional writings because of my school assignment. Also, I’ve attended some fictional writing competition when I was in school. I’ve finished my High school diploma from my native country Bangladesh. There, when I was in 12th grade, our school arranged a cultural program where teachers gave us different topics and asked us to write a story depend on the topic. That was a kind of fictional writing competition. Fortunately, I won the 2nd price for my fictional story.

    The genre that interests me the most is fictional writing. Because I think, Works of fiction expose everything in a new light through a new lens. Our minds open up to think about how the main character of a narrative thinks, or how events could unfold under circumstances exempt from our real-world rules, laws, and timeline. It will help me to expands my creative process to influence how I think so that I may discover new ideas.


    Ray-Ana W.

    My name is Ray-Ana and I am taking this because in my search for a Creative Expression class I could not find any that fit what I like of was at a time I wanted. I had settled on a photo class or something along those lines. However, I really did not want to take it. So I continued to search in case any courses became free especially since the course time and dates were changing. In my search, I came across this course and preferred to creatively express myself in writing since I would probably be less reluctant to take this course.

    A form of creative writing I have done is nonfiction writing. In one of my previous English courses, the assignment entitled finding a controversial topic in society than research and write about it.

    The gene that interests me the most is fictional writing in stories. This has always been one of my favorite genres to read in stories. Even so, I would like to expand my genre towards poetry. Writing and creating poems seem as though it would be fun and quite captivating.



    Hi, all. My name is Jingwang. This is my second year, and I major in Computer System. The reason I chose this creative writing class is that I like the openness of the writing techniques and topics, that I can express my imaginations and ideas more freely comparing with that in the traditional writing class.

    I don’t have many English writing experiences because it is my second language. However, I’ve done writing excises in my previous classes, mostly reading reflections and argument essays. The most creative writings I’ve done are personal short stories.

    My favorite type of creative writing so far is a memoir. I like to record my own experiences and stories so that I can share them with others. I’ve read many fictions in topics like Chinese myth and history so I am also very interested in fiction writing.


    Jason Liu

    Hey everyone. My name is Jason Liu. I am taking Creative Writing as a required creative expression course, but I am also interested in writing in general. I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with writing, because I always have a lot of ideas, but I can never put it together for it to be a story.

    In previous courses, I have done poetry and memoirs. Although I had never done fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel writing, I would have ideas about it whenever I finish reading a story.

    I think the genre that interests me the most is fiction writing. I always think about the what-if this happened scenario in movies or TV shows. If I had a second choice, I would say poetry. I think poetry makes people think a lot about what the author is trying to portray in their writing.


    Jennifer Sears

    Hi All,
    I’ve just posted notes from this week’s board on the site. You can find them here;

    ENG 1141 Discussion Board Notes! You did it!

    Keep writing!


    Serena Ngai

    Hello, my name is Serena Ngai. I am studying hospitality management to become a pastry chef. The reason I am taking this course is that I need to fulfill a creative expression requirement.

    The kinds of creative weighting that I have done are usually research papers for projects as well as essays but I have done poetry before. Other than these I don’t much experience with the rest.

    The kinds of genres I like to read are usually, romance, action, mystery, drama, etc. I love to read fanfictions and Chinese novels though and that Is what I usually do in my spare time. I also read original works from authors that I find interesting in sites like Wattpad. I am a super picky reader so basically, if I don’t like the plot, or if it is going to end in a tragedy, I won’t read it. I also love to read recipes for they allow me to improve my skills.



    Hello everyone, I am Naveenthan Murugesu I am a foreign student and currently in my last semester of environmental control associates. I chose creative writing because I needed a writing-intensive class according to degreeworks and creative writing looked to most interesting to me compared to the other writing classes

    The type of creative writing that I have done so far is non-fiction writing like brainstorming ideas for research, writing reports about experiments and in-class writing assignments, and also a graphic novel when I was trying to come up with a story for a game I made in high school.

    The genre that interests me the most this semester is probably fiction writing because you can use your imaginary and kind of escape the real world and make up stories about anything

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