ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Jennifer Sears

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    Jennifer Sears

    Hello! This is Professor Sears, and I’m posting here as an example of how to write this post. I won’t always do this, but I did want to introduce myself for this board. Why am I teaching this class? I’m teaching this class because I really love Creative Writing! This is my area of professional training and experience, and I’m always excited to teach this course. I learn a lot from my students. New writers take risks that people who’ve been doing this a long time wouldn’t even think of doing. I genuinely look forward to seeing how my students approach tasks and consider new creative forms through their own perspective and lens.

    What creative forms have I explored most? Fiction is my main form. I have recent publications on my OpenLab Portfolio. I write shorts stories, flash fiction, and am finishing a novel. I’ve also written non-fiction and academic articles and text.

    What do I look forward most to exploring this semester? I’m interested in all of the genres we will work on. I’m biased, of course. But when it comes to reading your work, I’ve seen students excel at forms they’ve never tried before. I look forward to this semester!



    My name is Lina Legagneur, I would like to start off by saying that I am currently in my final semester at City-Tech. I graduated from high school in June of 2016 and began my four-year college journey in the fall of 2016. It’s actually funny looking back now that I think about it. I remember every year I would tell myself that it seems like forever to graduate but now I ask myself where did the time go? This semester as a college requirement, I needed more liberal art credits in order to obtain my bachelor’s. Last semester when I was shopping around for classes to take a lot of my colleagues suggested that I take creative writing because they enjoyed the course and said that was a genuinely fun course to take in college.

    When it comes to creative writing I think of it as a form of art. To be honest with you I read more than I write. Usually when I do write it would be something pertaining to my life, for example, writing something that happened for the day, writing down positive affirmations and writing tasks or goals for myself to complete. As a hobby, I usually post inspirational photos pertaining to fashion or create a 40-minute apple music playlist based story that I made up in my head. Some of the stories that I have created either fictional or nonfictional I have played through my sims 4 game. Aside from that, I do want to write more; I am currently a non-fictional lover, I love to read stories based on real-life situations and watch movies and documentaries based on crime, fashion, love, drama, and comedy.

    An interesting fact is when I was little I would write short stories for school. In fact, I can recall a time in the third grade my teacher had assigned the class to write a “spooky story”. I wrote about a girl who thought there was a ghost in her house but she would soon find out that it was just a mouse and my teacher thought the story was really funny. I did some creative writing in high school and in my first semester of college but was not consistent. I would love to start being creative with my writing during this semester. The genres that most interest me would have to be non-fictional writing. Fictional writing allows you to write from your own perspective it could be silly, funny serious and so on there are no real rules to fictional writing because most of it is made up and that is what I love about it the most.


    Elizabeth Mathews

    My name is Elizabeth Mathews and I am from Far Rockaway, Queens. I am currently in my third year at City Tech and I am taking this Creative Writing class in order to fulfill a creative expression requirement. I am actually excited to take this class because I have always had a love for poetry and music and I know taking this course will help me further learn and understand poetry, fiction, and memoirs.

    After going through the list that explains the kinds of creative writing I have learned that I have been doing many of these things for a long time. I have been writing poetry since the second grade and has used poetry as a way to express however I was feeling for that specific day or about an experience I had. I love poetry and find it so interesting how we can use our words to make such powerful statements in short stanzas. Through out high school I kept a journal and wrote in it almost every other day which I never realized was keeping a memoir. What I also found interesting was that I have also done fiction and scriptwriting because sometimes when I watch a show or movie I think of ways to change certain scenes or the endings of the movie to make it better.

    The genre that interests me most is poetry because I love how with such a small amount of words a person can make such powerful and amazing art.


    Orion McCaine

    Hi, all. My name is Orion McCaine. My collegiate career thus far has existed in a series of fits and starts, but I’m finally at a point where I’m ready to get at least my Associate in Liberal Arts & Science to have something to show for my efforts. To be honest, the main reason that I’m taking Creative Writing is to fulfill a course requirement. That’s not to say that I don’t value the art and skill of writing, because I do. I get great joy from reading a good book or laughing at the banter between two characters in a video game, for example.
    Most of my writing has been assigned to me. While I do appreciate other people’s writing, I don’t really enjoy reading my own. Because of this, I don’t often write on my own volition. I wrote for my High School’s newspaper during my sophomore year for a semester and I learned a lot about the process of journalistic writing. Besides that, I haven’t really done much writing other than what has been required of me in school or work, where I usually write reports.
    This semester, I’d probably be more interested in memoir writing. It’s easier for me to write about topics that are relevant to me or that I’ve experienced myself.



    Hello there to everyone, my name is Dahayanerra Toney. The reason that I am taking this course is that I love writing and getting all my creative thoughts out there. I also took a creative writing course during my first semester at city tech and enjoyed it. I enjoyed all the topics we wrote on and the flexibility of my thoughts I was able to let roam. I also took up this course because I needed it as a requirement for my course. I love being able to express my thoughts and ideas to others in my writing and showing where my mind is at. I love being able to convey a message through writing that I normally would not be able to convey through talking.

    Some of the most creative forms of writing I have explored so far are non – fiction and fiction, free write, journals, poetry, and mystery. My main favorite form is free writing and fiction. I like getting my thoughts on paper as I have said before. When I feel upset or am not having a good day or feeling happier I tend to rather express it on paper to everyone because it is easier for me to do that. I like describing to people how creative I can get and where I am not so strong at with my writing and need more help.

    I think poetry interests me most and nonfiction writing. These two genres make me feel more free and creative for some reason. It is not every day that you can just be creative in anything you want to write about these days. Most of the time people want real-time events and there is nothing wrong with that, but having time to sit and write creatively is not something I see much. Therefore being In this course can help give that to me and everyone else.



    Hey there Lina, I love that you see writing as an art. That Is something I can agree on, and congratulations on your last semester! This is my last also for my associates in Human Services.


    Steven Bachoo

    Hi everyone my name is Steven Bachoo and my major is Computer Engineering Technology. I’m taking creative writing this semester because I want to explore more with the class in depth. I heard about the class before and the class is a bit interesting. I am also taking this class to fulfill a requirement.

    I haven’t done a lot of writing in the past. But I would like to explore more in depth when it comes to brainstorming ideas and putting them together. I would like to see more about the class and see what other ideas I can come across when going forward to this semester.

    The genre that interests me the most is when it comes to memoir writing. The reason why is because I’ve always had a lot of stories in the past including when I was growing up. I like to talk about what my life was like when I grew up.


    Andy Escobedo

    Yahello! my name is Andy Escobedo. To be genuine the reason I’m taking this class is that I needed to fulfill my Creative Expression Requirement however, I selected this class because I find creative writing more interesting than linear writing. I can write my sentiments in my writing juxtapose to following a list of requirements. freedom is swelled as I feel I can write without any restriction but utilize my ideas to make something creative.

    In addition, some instances of creative writing I’ve done is poetry, fiction, and free writing. but I mostly read than write however I am inspired by reading and in my free time like to write a poem on how I feel at the time. also, I’ve done some free write in my past time when im bored.

    Furthermore, the genre that interests me is fictional writing the reason behind this is because I love supernatural aura and the abnormal things that cant happen in real life. its open the mind to unlimited ideas that can be made up and no one can stop you since it isn’t real its something you came up with and elaborated.



    Hello, my name is Danel Cabrera. I picked Creative writing because I missed my chance on enrolling this class and took poetry instead. Then it hit me, poetry is rather deep and made me thought deeply about my poets, basing them on events of my life. After taking poetry, I thought I could expand more of my writing, outside of poetry. I even thought of writing a fan fiction and my own stories, since I want to make my own comic book soon (I’m an illustrator).
    As I mentioned before, the kind of creative writing I’ve done is Poetry. From lyric poems, to narrative poems to meditative poem. I would like to try actual story writing involving fictional subject, like I also mentioned before, comic book writing.
    The genre I want to get into is graphic novel/ script writing. Those 2 would help me a lot for what I’m looking for in the future.



    Hello, my name is Mehrangiz Abduhabibova. My current major is AS in health science but i would like to switch over to nursing, currently I’m in my second year of college. I took this course specially out of the many others that were offered because I had previously taken creative writing in high school and I had a great time taking the course.

    In my high school creative writing class I loved to write poetry and memoirs. It was in high school that I was first introduced to memoirs. when it comes to poetry I only read them if they rhyme and if I write poetry it has to rhyme as well, I like my poems to have a nice flow.

    The genre that interests me the most would be poetry because I like the challenge of having to rhyme each and every line all the way to the end and have a nice flow to it at the same time.


    Alex Cheung

    Hello, my name is Alex Cheung. The reason I’m taking this class is to fulfill my Creative Expression requirement. But, I chose this class over the others available because I enjoy writing but I’m that that good at it. So, hopefully during my time in this class, I am able to sharpen up my creative writing skills.

    Recently, I haven’t been writing much, but in the past I have written some fiction and poetry in the past for school projects and assignments. The only type of writing I’m comfortable with is research based papers because i have written many of them for classes. Other than that, I don’t write much.

    The genre that interests me the most is fiction. In fiction you can create a new world according to your vision. I enjoy fiction because anything can happen.



    Hello, my name is Josuel Corporan Vargas. I picked Creative Writing as I always loved thinking of my own stories that I wanted to tell. I’ve always had a great deal of enthusiasm to start writing my own stories. However, it is not mainly to write fictional books, but rather use the stories I’ve written and bring them to life in different mediums such as television, movies, video games, etc. I’ve also taken creative classes in the past, and I’ve enjoyed them immensely.

    Unfortunately. I have not done many creative writing except a few classes. There was one class a year ago where I had to write a poem/short story, and I wrote about a man, who’s life was bleak and gray, went to an island called Bleakville, where he could wallow in his misery for eternity, and not worry about anything, or anyone arguing with him. My favorite things about fiction are characters being relatable, messages and themes rhyming and calling back to each other throughout the story, and villains who have a motivation.

    There isn’t one genre of fiction that interests me. Personally, I’m more of a guy more interested in the non-fiction than fiction. However, one genre that seems like it could be a bigger interest for me would be superhero stories. I think it’s more to due with the fact that there are many ways to tell them that wouldn’t just be the ways we already have told them.



    Hello everyone, my name is Ronald Ezekiel Felipe. I am taking this class not only to fulfill a creative expression requirement, but to also learn other creative forms of writing and gain experience writing different types of works. I truly believe that this will help my engineering career in the future when it comes to the needs of writing effectively.

    I have done some works of nonfiction, fiction, and a bit of poetry. All my experience is from my high school and college courses. Currently, I feel like fiction is my favorite. I sometimes have ideas for new movie and video game endings.

    This semester, graphic novel writing interests me the most. It is something that I’ve not tried. I think that I will like it more compared to other types of writing and it will help me explore my creative side.


    Oscar Ramirez

    Good day to all my name is Oscar Ramirez and I’m currently in the process of getting my bachelor in Computer Engineering Technology. The reason for why I am taking Creative Writing this semester is because I needed to fulfill a requirement for my Degree Works and the options I was given didn’t peek my interest or required prerequisites. Then I saw Creative Writing and I heard from other folks that it was a pretty decent class to take, so I ended up picking this class and now here I am. I have a wild and crazy Imagination so brainstorming ideas when it comes to writing freely is fun but I’m bad at expressing it when you are restricted by rules or if it’s formal and make sense, like an essay.

    I don’t have any huge experience in writing beside from assignments like reports, essays and I use to write a lot of poems. The only memory I have of actually writing something that I was passionate about was when I was younger I used this website called Wattpad and I wrote a small story about a young pirate who traveled the sea and had crazy adventures but sadly I didn’t finished it and it was lost to time.

    For me I am really not that picky when it comes to reading a book but I prefer if the thing I am reading can tell a good story to draw me in. But if I had to pick a genre it would be anything fiction/not real for I like a story that revolves around things that wont happen in the real world, like make believe. For I believe that is when a person can fully express themselves till your heart’s content cause it’s all up to their imagination.

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