ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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  • What is creativity? Where does YOUR creativity come from?
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    I think creativity is to think and make outside of a regular circle. The concept of being creative can be executed in all sorts of things in our lives, from the way I mow the lawn to the place I want to work. The greatest influence in my creative mindset is my parents. My father has very strong creativity, that he can resemble a car after taking it apart. Seeing the magic on his hands, I learned the importance of innovative materialization of imaginary ideas. My mother influenced me by always reminding me to think critically. “Don’t be lost at others’ words,” she said.


    Serena Ngai

    Creativity to me is something that is everywhere but hard to grasp. Why I say that is because, in order for your creativity or imagination to happen, you need some kind of inspiration. It’s impossible for you to have an original idea come to you unless there was some sort of guide for you. For some people, this guide may come in the form of family, heritage, and peers, and while for others, it will be their own life experiences, surroundings, and senses. I am part of the latter group. I find creativity from the world around me. From the different forms of entertainment around me to the changes in society. It is what usually guides me to my creativity because the world is wide and has many adventures to experience when alive. I’m not saying that I can’t generate creativity with the former but rather it’s just easier for me with the latter.



    To me, Creativity is a flowing, stream of conscious thoughts and ideas. A well of inspiration. It is at the core of who we are, the essence of self-expression and truth. Our own truth. A way in which we explore our conscious worlds, that which we recognize as “our reality”. It is to question, an act as a catalyst for challenging assumptions, beliefs, and how we see things. But perhaps not how they actually are? Creating and being creative helps us make sense of the world in which we live, opening our eyes to the limitless opportunities and potential all around which we often fail to notice. In school, those who can write a good story or draw beautiful pictures are considered the special ones who are creative. But research shows that all people are creative. In fact, creativity is one of the most important characteristics of being human. It is one of the main traits that make us successful as individuals and as a species.

    Everyone has that one person in their life has influenced to be who they are. It could be anyone, a friend, teacher, most of the time a parent. My father has influenced my life in several ways, for staying in my life he has taught me about priorities, responsibilities and helped me to be a creative person. For example, he taught me how Calmly look for a solution in any situation: It was one of the most difficult things to learn. This ability didn’t come to me straight, but with the patient guidance of my father. I used to lose control when I was angry or the situation was too complicated. Thanks to my dad, I currently possess the quality to calmly find the solution to any problem in spite of the complexity of the situation.


    Orion McCaine

    I believe that creativity is a skill, a natural talent to fabricate stories, art, and music, all while expressing them coherently. With all skills, the more a person works at it, the stronger that skill becomes. Some people are just more readily able to tap into that imaginative part of their minds from back when they were children. I remember having an imaginary friend when I was younger and how we would go on all sorts of adventures together. For me, at least, I’m far more entrenched in the rational side of my way of thinking these days to go that far with my creativity. In my creative process, I tend to pull from my personal experiences and distort them enough so that they become more of what-if scenarios and then I build on top of that.



    Creativity has to do with being able to express my own ideas/opinions and to share it with the world. I dislike reading books however I love watching movies and different TV shows, so I could say that’s where I get my ideas from. For example if I didn’t like a certain scene in a movie then I would brainstorm countless ways of how they could have change that scene and made it better. This helps better my writing because it provides me with endless possibilities, it helps me become more creative and using that new plot I’m able to write my own story. The person who has influenced me to be this way would be my teacher in my creative writing class back in high school. He introduced me to creative writing and I fell in love because I was in control of my story, even if it didn’t make sense.



    My mother used to run to the television and watch a drawing program to learn how to draw well. She used to, and still draws all the time. However, apart from this, I don’t have much relation to my mom when it comes to having a creative process. For me, creativity comes when I am in a quiet place, and I simply think of things that I could do. It could also comes when I watch other pieces of media, and I imagine how I would write a particular story I was reading, playing, or watching. I think it’s helped me as I could imagine the characters, universe, and how things play it out in general in my stories when I’m in bed, in the shower, or just walking around in general.



    My creativity is borne from the varied experiences in my life. I am from a third world and developing country, Jamaica which exposed me to different facets of life such as going to the river to fetch water. My Creative Juices comes alive when I am excited about an event and it’s impact on my life or someone else’s closer to me. I am always captivated by the arts and thus finds humor in expression.
    Might I add that my cultural differences and experiences has also taught me to appreciate the similarities and differences in people. I am learning to temper my words so as not to offend anyone.
    As I embark on this journey with my colleagues I will endeavor to embrace our unquenched uniqueness.



    To answer these questions, creativity means that it is original, something not many people think about, which is why I think it means saying/ writing literally what pops up in your head. it’s unique, and there won’t be another person with the exact same idea. every individual has a different mind that thinks different because of several reasons.
    the way they grew up or the experiences they have had in their past which lead them to think in a different way than other people. or maybe the way they think is influenced by the people around them or the location they are at, or maybe even their religion can make them think differently than most of us do. I think most of us are creative in our own way. for me, my ideas come from anything, to be honest, my surroundings, my Hindu religion, the country I’m born at (Netherlands), and the people around me.

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