ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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  • What is creativity? Where does YOUR creativity come from?
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    Jennifer Sears

    What is creativity? Where do YOUR ideas come from?

    See the To-Do List for Tuesday, Sept. 1 for instructions!

    These responses can be one paragraph or more, but read the directions first.



    To me, creativity starts with nothing and making nothing into something. I see that everything we do always has to start with our minds. When an idea comes into our heads to point us to doing something that will satisfy our time and talents we think and then act on it. Whenever I have an idea I usually notice it comes from either me just meditating and sitting in silence. The idea just will come and from there I will decide to act and be productive about what I want to write about and see how it makes a difference to my life and other people.

    For example, One Idea that came into my mind a couple of months ago is to start writing down biblical topic discussions for young people or any age group. I realized that it can help me to in the areas I struggle with trying to overcome the little issues like handling anger or priorities, and many other discussion topics that matter. I then was given the chance to share the topics I have written down and surely people accepted and liked the discussion. At the end of the discussion, this gave them a new perspective on how to tackle everyday issues.



    This might sound a little cliché but my life should be filmed as a movie. My life pretty much covers every general aspect of friendship, love, breakups, family, and maybe even horror if horror counts for breakouts and hormonal changes I went through in middle school. My family and personal history definitely contribute to my creative process because it starts off with me being a first-generation american living in a household with caribbean parents. I have tons of memories and life lessons that have contributed to who I am today.
    There is no specific person that made me think differently because my whole family has contributed to my creative process. One thing I can say is my parents played a major role I learned from they taught me as well as from their own mistakes and most of the time they inspired me to write about myself and think about who I am and who I want to be as a person.

    I found what Dahyanerra said about writing topics for young people to be important. That type of work has to start off with some type of creativity and usually, that same creativity is used to inspire others.


    Jamyl Capellan

    To answer these questions, for me creativity is a feeling that lets the mind wander and It gives me this rush of inspiration for a story or an idea anything really that pops into my head. I still feel like I have an over active imagination and I feel like anything can happen in my head. My ideas usually come from conversations with my friends like things about our future and what we want to do with our lives. Ever since the COVID happened I get A lot of ideas manly about my future and places I want to travel to.



    The obvious definition on what creativity is an original idea that hasn’t been done before. That’s putting it simple, rather it’s good or bad. For me, I see it as taking ideas as inspiration and mixing it up in a way that’ll make it fresh without putting that new idea too similar to old ones, and if you made a mistake, you learn from it and separate yourself from that mistake. How I got my ideas is through this process. If I see something cool, but something was (or is) off about that thing, I can make a better version with my own set of style and ideals. And if there’s still something wrong, then I find something else to make it more fitting.

    TV shows, Video games, American cartoons, Anime and my own family influenced my creative. Entertainment brought the flow, responsibility came from the family, and my own mistakes brought me to change. My dad beat my ass to get it through my head. To not do stupid things, to not fall back, to watch over myself. He still doesn’t trust me that I can go on my own. This what drove me into wanting to impress. Fix my mistakes and further impress others. That was my big factor.


    Hernan Marquez

    To me, creativity is the use of imagination or your original ideas. Sometimes you want to make a new creation or create a better version of something. You can use creativity in your daily life, for example being creative means you can solve any obstacle in a new way. I feel that when it comes to creativity, you should know how to find the similarities or differences between two completely random ideas. When an idea comes to mind, at one point you will embrace it and make the best out of it.

    In my daily life, I get ideas from my art work I’v been doing since elementary school. Sometimes I imagine about bringing my art work on paper to life by making sculptures. I get ideas from playing video games and watching anime. This ideas influence me to start a creation of my own, change my perspective, and embrace it.


    Steven Bachoo

    When it comes to creativity it means when taking your ideas that you have originally and making it into something new. You are taking what you have originally and trying to make things become better. The way how it works for me is by thinking of the ideas that come into my mind. You wanna change your perspective and try to take things to another level. You are facing your fears and trying to learn something new. The main things that influenced me to have creativity are my family, and also listening to music. When I listen to music it helps think of the ideas to brainstorm. I let the lyrics of the music flow into my head and let the inspiration have all the ideas to come up with. With my family on the other hand my mom always told me what I have to do to improve myself when it comes to studying for any exams. If I’m doing something wrong she would tell me how to improve my way of studying.

    Danel after I read yours it had a lot of interesting things. I also believe my family has influenced my creativity a lot. They always tell what I should do to improve myself.



    For me personally, creativity is the act and ability to be able to express yourself. To form new concepts, objects, and much more. My family has influenced my creative process. More specifically, when we moved from the Philippines to New York. To suddenly live in a place with many different cultures, languages, and ways of living. It changes the way you think, it makes you ask why things are the way they are, just like Amy Tan. Additionally, I also think that video games play a huge part on my creative process. To think of the technological advancement of the future, and how it would affect our quality of life.


    Elizabeth Mathews

    Creativity is expression that comes from your imagination and ideas. You can express your creativity through almost anything like fashion, music, art, etc. Creativity has a lot to do with the character and mindset of a person. Creativity is one thing that makes each of us different because we are all creative in our own way. I’ve lived my whole life in Far Rockaway, Queens so I am right down the block from the beach and ever since I was a kid the beach has been my safe haven. I go there, sit down and think through everything going on in my life. This is where my creative process really starts. It starts with me sitting at the beach, clearing my head and getting ideas together for whatever task is ahead of me. In the second grade was when I wrote my first poem and that was because of my teacher Mrs. Fyne. She influenced my life creatively in such a great way, she opened the door to poetry to me. She did this because she explained no matter what you are going through you can explain everything through a poem – “short and powerful”. I am very strong minded and opinionated because of my family, we are all very outspoken and have no hair on our tongues. I feel this helps me creatively because I am not afraid to express myself. My creativity comes from many things but I mostly feel like it comes from my family and how I was raised.


    Ray-Ana W.

    To me, creativity is a way to express whatever you want to portray in a way unique to each individual. I believe it is already with us when we are born but just like a muscle, we have to exercise and use it to develop it. Moreover that the people around us and our environment influence and shape it along with our personality. On a personal level, I believe that this is how my creativity developed. The main source of my creativity comes and was influenced by my mother, aunts, and uncles. Each played a role in exposing and cradling me in their own way. As a child and even now I do enjoy drawing despite not having enough time now I often think of things to draw now. My mother and aunts like to draw and that’s what first got me interested and my uncle liked comics. This influenced what I drew. When I create whether in words or in drawing all these things come to mind and my brain does this thing and the ideas soon follow. Even the way I think overlaps with the people who grew me and we would say or even think the same thing when we saw something. So Just as I was created and molded by the people around me and my environment so was my creativity and I believe new knowledge and experience will continue to help grow and foster my creative mindset.


    Oscar Ramirez

    Creativity comes from anything but for me the best way to achieve any form of creativity is when I isolate myself from the rest of the world, just me and my thoughts. We take things from our daily life into consideration when we do something, in this case writing, that moment being something incredible to even something horrible in our life. Our mind is the key source that helps us form ideas, conversations, plans, and etc but when you isolate yourself and just focus on letting all those thoughts flow out of you that is when creativity can really bloom. Base on what I saw from this discussion board people tend to rely on music to help be creative which makes sense but for me I use music to help me put in a state of isolation to help meditate and let the thoughts come to me. Also another way that helps me be creative is I just sleep on it, when I sleep on things I tend to come up with okay ideas, that’s how I came up with this paragraph.



    I agree with Hernan, that you can use creativity in your daily life. I also agree that you can get it from doing things like watching anime and from schoolwork, and many other things that you do on a daily basis.


    Andy Escobedo

    creativity is the utilization of the brain that generates ideas. the ideas can be fictional or nonfictional it really doesn’t matter however, ideas will create multiple ideas that branch off each other leading creativity to be viewed as an endless library of great material. In addition, I believe my creativity is highly influenced by personal experiences and reading. The reason behind this is because I fuse my emotions from the experiences I undergo in writing. Furthermore, I get inspired to be creative when im reading as it assist me in opening my mind and seeing more ideas formulate.


    Jason Liu

    Creativity can be defined as taking anything and being able to express it freely. What I mean by anything is for example, people can express themselves through storytelling, or dancing, or things like paintings and music. Creativity allows for us to use our imagination in an endless amount of ways. I think most of my creativity comes from playing a lot of basketball and online games. They helped me understand that there are endless possibilities when watching professionals play at the highest level. For example, I love watching basketball and watching how NBA teams operate to score points. I would tell my group of friends, “I saw this play the other day from this team, let’s try to run that play.” And in doing this, I started thinking about what could we have done to make it work properly or even at a better level. I started to enjoy theorycrafting and analyzing things, because we were able to experiment on things that worked and things that didn’t work. The people that helped me think in a more creative way are my close friends. My friends would always push me to become a better version of myself everyday. That has helped me grow and think more freely and deeply.


    Alex Cheung

    To me, creativity is to use your imagination to put together an amazing idea or concept. My ideas mainly come from what I’m exposed to and sometimes family stories. For example, the content I consume online has a huge impact on my creativity because I’m exposed to other peoples creative ideas which helps we think of my own ideas. My family sometimes inspire me with their stories of their childhood in china. Video games also contribute to my creativity a lot because most games have an creative original concept.

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