ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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  • Participation Activity, Session 13: Fiction Brainstorming Exercise 1
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    Jennifer Sears

    For instructions on this Discussion Board, consult the To-Do List for Session 13:



    Five random ideas: 1: A young mother participating in a underground fighting competition, 2: A female getting chase by a group, but a mafian saves her, 3: A young boy befriends a giant snake and became butler friends, 4: A young boy who loses everything, even his body, gets a second chance in life, but struggles with a moral of killing or sparing his adversaries that wronged him, 5: A deaf orphan becomes a gang member and tries to live his life through crime.

    Let’s talk about idea… 1. After having a divorce with her husband, she was left alone with her child and was running out of money due to her normal job not paying enough. So she went job hunting that can make the most cost before the due dates on her bills. She just so happens to come across a flyer about a fighting competition coming up soon with a high reward, but it’s set in the dark side of town. With her past fighting skills from high school and college, she’ll do whatever it takes to get the money. Even if it’s dangerous.


    Alex Cheung

    Five ideas:
    1. You are an archaeologist and while exploring a pyramid in Egypt a weird feeling surges through your body.
    2. You are a spy during WW2 and are tasked on gathering intelligence on the Axis powers.
    3. You and your friends are exploring a cave and you hear a sound in the distance.
    4. You and a friend have an idea for a new tech startup.
    5. After a huge headache from the day before, you wake up and no longer hear the birds chirping, or your cat meowing.

    One paragraph – #1:
    It was getting dark in the outskirts of the Egyptian city of Giza. Everyone has gone back to their hotels to rest after a long day of excavating but you decided to stay to get a bit more progress done. While clearing away the sand, you spot something out of the corner of your eye. It was a set of stairs heading down with no end in sight. You grabbed your flashlight, and built up some courage to walk down into what seemed like an abyss. The stairs were narrow and steep, one wrong movement could send you tumbling down for who know how long. After the long trek down the steep narrow stairs you end up in a room, you need to catch your breath but before you could, you heard a scuffle echoing from another part of what seems to be a underground tomb.



    1. You befriend the very person at a grieving session who killed your husband
    2. You fall in love, but use science as a way to prove the love is genuine or not
    3. Your sister lives the secret life of being a shoplifter
    4. You hit your head one day and can read the intentions of human hearts
    5. You are extremely awkward and teach your self how to make friends

    One paragraph: #4

    While on my way to work, I’m walking checking my phone for any messages and the time. Soon after I heard a voice yelling in fear! I looked up to be bumped by some stranger running in the opposite direction of me. By the time I turned my face forward I saw a trash can in front of me. I tripped over it, fell, and hit my head on something really hard. I got to work and washed my face. There was a board meeting and I was sitting waiting for it to start when suddenly I heard the man next to me”geez can this stupid meeting start”!
    I replied, “I’m sorry, did you say something”?
    “Nope”, he replied calmly


    Hernan Marquez

    1.A boy who’s trying to win back their partner who ran away with their best friend.
    2.A character who gets trapped in their memory palace and has to find a way out in order to save someone else.
    3.Two people who fall in love but come from planets where time runs very differently.
    4.A group of men are hiking and see blood on the ground leading to a huge cave
    5.A boy who gets stuck in a vr game for a long time.


    On a beautiful morning, 2 men decide to spend their day hiking. As the day goes they decides its time to head back before it gets dark out. Suddenly, they encounter a trail of blood leading to a big cave. Nothing seemed or felt normal to anyone and out of curiosity the two follows the trail of blood. There was a loud screech as they were close to the cave. They were terrified and in shock when they find a dead dog and old man right in the entrance of the cave. As they inspect the body and trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, a huge stomp is heard behind them as they turn around in tears and sweat.



    1. A young adult walking outside and finding a mysterious bag come to find out have two million dollars in it.
    2. Falling in love with your best friend’s husband.
    3. Coming out to religious parents.
    4. Hitting someone with a car by accident and leaving the scene.
    5. A traditional surrogate who decided she wants to keep the baby.

    Picking Event # 2

    Beck had been best friends with Stacy for well over twenty years. The two had experienced almost everything together birthdays, breakup, teenage phases, graduations, and more together they were practically sisters joined by the hip. Now that they are much older drastic changes have been made beck had just received a major promotion at her company and Stacy had been dating Shawn for over five years and now she is getting engaged. The only issue is Becky is not really happy for her because she has fallen madly in love with Shawn and it all started three years ago at a summer retreat. Beck and Shawn had both been to coincidentally without Stacy. Everything happened so fast Becks and Shawn sharing laughs to them sharing an affair right before Stacy’s eyes. What makes it worse is Beck feels guilt for Stacy but she has no regrets about getting close to Shawn she believes that is he is her one and only soulmate.


    Steven Bachoo

    Five Ideas:

    I was asleep and had a dream that I was a superhero.
    My team and I are trying to take down a criminal that robbed a store.
    I went to the intrepid with my cousins from Trinidad.
    I dreamed that I was up all night working on a project for class.
    I am a spy and I work for the FBI.

    When I was in school I kept struggling to come up with an idea for a project I was working on with my group. I kept staying up all night to figure out something and I had to look up some stuff on the internet. So every night me and my group would stay up and keep on working on it. Eventually the ideas were coming together and then we started building up as were going forward. We were struggling in the beginning because it was all new to us but we still kept trying to push through. Then it came down to the presentation and we were able to present everything clear and we had no problem with the ideas we came up with. The presentation was a success and we got a good grade overall.


    Oscar Ramirez

    1. A city closed off from the world by a giant wall, a woman grows curious of the outside and questions the life she lives inside.
    2. A boy struggle to fit in at school with only his imagination to get him by, until one day a little accident cause these imagination to feel a little to real.
    3. Leon Scarpa born to a poor family wishes to live the high life and help his family get out off the horrible life they live.
    4. A young rock band trying to make it big and get their music heard by the world get their big break but is the fame to much.
    5. A pair of siblings lived a normal life until a dramatic event causes the pair to go on the run to find the truth.

    Chosen #3: My name is Leon Scarpa the year was 1940s I was only 13 when papa told my sister, mama and me to grab our bags, that we had to flee Italy due to the war. Headed to the US in search for a better life, better life my ass we went from having a dirty little house in Sicily to even a worse apartment in Little Italy New York, during that time it was a dump and filthy place for Italian immigrants to fall to not like the tourist attraction it is now. It was not the life I expected to have in the US but my dad didn’t let that stop him and it wasn’t going to stop me either. I was sent to school and learned the English language pretty fast, me and my little sis ended up graduating High school she wanted to go to college but with the money my parents were pulling that wasn’t going to be an option. So like any good older brother I went to work to help pay the expense, you name it I probably did it, the hard part was keeping the job but I always manage to pay for my sister college and the bills, barely that is. Money was tight even with me working, I was 19 at the time when I meet him.


    Orion McCaine

    1. Becoming sick with COVID-19
    2. The first date with your partner.
    3. Being injured by an animal.
    4. Hitting a game-winning shot.
    5. Working in the sun all day.

    1. I got home that Saturday and I wasn’t quite feeling like myself, to say the least. But I figured, “It’s March, maybe it’s a cold. Maybe it’s in my head.” The world had just officially stopped due to the pandemic, a designation that hadn’t occurred in over 100 years, and it was easy to get caught up in the fear of this unknown illness that had put the City that Never Sleeps on a time-out. As I tried to form rational thoughts about how I felt, I kept getting distracted by that nagging cough. At this point, every time I coughed, my head throbbed as it felt like something was trying to escape from my forehead. With a sledgehammer. I heard somewhere that people were having adverse reactions from taking Ibuprofen and Naproxen to ease their symptoms, so I downed some Acetaminophen instead. I tried to eat something as to not take the medication on an empty stomach, but I just had no appetite at all. It wasn’t long after this that I started shivering, violently. I’ve never been skinny dipping off of the Antarctic coast and laid out to dry in the snow afterwards, but I assumed that’s what it would’ve felt like. Then my joints started to hurt as if someone clamped vices all over my body. I couldn’t deny it anymore and I told myself, “I might have the Rona.”



    Five Ideas:
    1. A world where each person has 3 lives, people take a lot of risks in order to achieve their dreams at all costs.
    2. A Protagonist with special powers that comes out at 18 years of age. Antagonists tries to kill the Protagonist before turning 18 years old.
    3. A magical River must be protected, people instantly heal after drinking the River’s water. A world war is started, and a group of scientists tries to study the river before it’s destroyed.
    4. Two people are in love and want to be together, but they start dying as they fall in love more.
    5. You were supposed to die in a car accident, an unknown thing saves you and you try to figure out what it is or why it saved you.

    One paragraph: #2
    It was a very cold winter night. A special boy was born with characteristics many would consider abnormal. He grew up loved by his family, but some people around him does not like him at all due to his special characteristics. The boy knew that he had something in him that was very special, he had the desire to help the world and felt incredibly stronger and faster than kids his age. As he ages closer to 18 years old, he starts to encounter strangers who tries to tell him that he’s destined to do something great.

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    1.A boy quarreled with his parents and ran away from home for a year.
    2. Went to sleep and woke up to find that he had traveled back 200 years.
    3.The boy went climbing the mountain and found the gate of hell opened. He overcame all the difficulties and closed the gate again.
    4. Rescue of a great crisis by two underworld policemen.
    5. When I wake up, I have superpowers.

    1.”Why are we going home so early today?” I asked my friend unhappily at a party. “My parents are about to be here to catch me and take me back! I’ve got to go now, and if I get caught I’ll be in trouble!” he answered. Watching all my friends leaving, I went home as well because I had no choice. I don’t really have a feeling that my parents will stay with me because of their work. I understand them very well, but they don’t understand me. Just like usual, the allay in front of my home was very dark. I opened the door and found my father sitting on the sofa and silently staring at the wall. After a few minutes, he yelled at me “Do you know that you were throwing away your future by your present pleasures?”Bang! Like the thunder in a storm, it was always sudden and scary. Being estranged from my parents for a long time made me feel afraid of my father. I then asked him rhetorically, “what have you given me.” I kind of regret asking such a silly question…


    Serena Ngai

    1. a teenage girl transmigrates and became the villainess of a game
    2. two people bumped into each other and switched bodies
    3. a young man finds himself living with the goddess of poverty after saving it
    4. a young woman saves a cat from a car accident and gained the ability to understand it
    5. two childhood sweethearts separated and meet up years later

    “Mana”: I am what you mortals call the goddess of poverty. Just by being near me, companies are guaranteed to go bankrupt and will have a hard time finding a job.

    “Richard”: and what does that have to do with me?

    “Mana”: you see, you have this gift called the golden finger with you. As long as you have this ability, your life is basically worry-free and will prosper without accidents.

    “Richard”: So? Get to the point.

    “Mana”: Don’t you see? As long as I’m by your side, I’ll be able to have a good meal with a roof to sleep on! So please allow me to live with you!

    “Richard”: …

    “Mana”: Don’t worry! I guarantee that you won’t live in the streets with that heaven-defying ability of yours!

    “Richard”: …

    So basically this shameless goddess wants to stay with me after passing out in front of my door and want me to take care of her?! I should just call the police…
    Richard Stein is a high schooler who lives by himself after the passing of his parents. Although tragic, he never suffered because of his inheritance from his parents and through his stocks that he has bought. All in all, he has been living a boring, repetitive life of no worries until one day, he sees a girl who passed out in front of his door due to hunger. She introduces herself as Mana, the goddess of poverty, and appears before him with the reason to get rid of her so-called role. This is a story about the daily lives of a young man who is bored with life and a goddess who wants a normal life. They meet new friends who consist of other gods and goddesses well as mortals who come to bother them.

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    Jason Liu

    1. A boy who is trapped in a cave, when suddenly he is sent to another world where he climbs a tower where everything will be his.
    2. A young boy who is a prodigy painter and knows nothing but painting, meets people who teach him about life.
    3. A group of kids who get trapped in a house when they find a hidden portal that leads them to the future.
    4. A young boy who was loved by everyone in his town, when one day everyone had disappeared, leaving the boy alone by himself.
    5. A man who has the power of immortality meets someone that is on the brink of death, is faced with the choice of giving up his power to save their life or letting them die.

    First choice
    They say that anything that you desire can be yours, if you can climb the tower. A boy trapped in a cave with no hope, when one day a girl who was around the same age finds him. The boy asks her what she wants to do. She replied saying “I want to see the brightest stars in the world.” The boy would do anything to be by her side. And then one day, she was taken to the world where everything can be obtained, if you climb the tower. The boy couldn’t accept this, and a mysterious creature asked the boy, if he could do anything, would he climb the tower. Unsure of what the tower holds, he agrees to do whatever it takes to see the girl again.


    Ray-Ana W.

    1. A young werewolf on a journey trying to form his identity after being abandoned by his birth parents
    2. A mature office worker who loves to party, but after going out to a new club she wakes up in a castle on a secluded island
    3. Twin warlocks who after centuries of lavish lifestyles and no plans of it ending meet their shared soulmate, can they settle down for her or will she be apart of their high list of heartbreak?
    4. A shark shifter goes out to get food for his growing family but ends up getting trapped by an animal preservation group and has to find his way back home
    5. An angel falls into the seven realms of Hell, can she return home or will the seven Kings of Hells seduce her and turn into their own devilish Queen

    Option 3, Title: Can a love written by Fate bloom in Unwilling hearts

    When twin warlocks are born they are said to have immense magical power and once they find their soulmate it will double and they will be complete. The warlocks Kristiana and Christian Kane were blessed in the late 1700s with twins which they named Darien and Demetrius Kane. Like all warlocks, they age at an extremely slow rate compared to humans and once they looked to be around 18 – 20 years in the mid-1800s they left their secluded town in Sabirinie to adventure out in the world. Eventually, they became obsessed with parting, drinking, and all kinds of pleasures the world offered. Even money and collecting all kinds of treasure, along the way they made all kinds of trouble and got in altercations with several people. Although their mother always taught them to look past material things and to search for their other half it never seemed to matter when they had fun. As the years changed the twins too had to adapt to these changes. They no longer looked like boys but as mature men with tan skin and jet black hair, hazel eyes, and groomed facial hair, both were 6’9 and well built muscular men. Now in the 21st century, they rooted themselves in society as CEOs of several business conglomerates. Despite not revealing their faces they are very popular in the world for their success and all the mysteries surrounding them especially since all things that they did work out almost magically.
    Over the years they never had a hand to use magic often only it was only when they got in sticky situations did they realize its importance. There was a time in the 1860s they both went to a party Darien was drinking with a group of humans trying to test who could drink the most. Demetrius on the other hand started talking to a young brunette with one of the prettiest green eyes. One thing led to another and she was leading him to her house but not everything goes as planned. Instead of her house, a cloth was put over her face and he woke up in an auction house tied up and gagged. There he was being bid on and was taken to a room with his auction winner and the announcer. Darien sensed his distress through their bond as twins and teleported to him. When he got there he laughed at his brother.
    “HAHAHAHAHA! How could you let yourself get caught like this ” Darien
    “Mdjssfsvshmm,” said Demetrius as he thrashed around trying to emphasize how much he needed to get out
    “Alright, I get. Set you free.”Darien
    He raised his hand and said the incantation “ Apple sauce and jelly beans” Darien
    Demetrius was free and could now say release his magic and pent up frustration. Let’s just say the people in that establishment went missing and the building was ash by morning.
    Now in the 21st century although they had to adapt one thing did not change and that was to party and have a good time. However, this night was different as both brothers felt a shift from deep within where their power was located. Instead of figuring out what it was, they decided that by morning it would be fine so they went to their normal bar and partied all night till early morning. When they began to go back home they decided to take a stroll to try and sober up. As they walked they felt something leading them down the street, when it stopped they felt their heart race as they saw the most beautiful girl they had ever seen in their long life. She looked to be about 5”8 with long legs and almost glowing brown skin. Her hair was in a messy bun but some of the curls were falling out. She was wearing scrubs from the hospital but it did nothing to hide the curves she had that the men noticed. Along with her plump juicy lips and cute brown eyes and nose that fit her face. Despite the exhaustion on her face she seems so bright and lit up a flame from within the men’s heart.
    “Is that her” Damien whispered
    “I think so,” Darrien said, almost breathless.


    Andy Escobedo

    Five Ideas
    1. when the world of supernatural merges with the normal world it creates unrest, discrimination, and conflicts
    2. A Jewish boy demise story in a Concentration camps
    3. Astronauts return back to earth from a space exploration but is its actually a different planet
    4 the power to have a save point like in video games
    5. a little boy dreams events however they are real events


    If someone would ask me a question about which was a better season summer or winter? I would have to automatically say winter. Yup no Denying that, the cold breeze that softly brushes my cheeks leaving the blushes on my face and, the elegance of the show that illuminates the atmosphere of Christmas and the end of the year. As im waiting for the bus in this blazing heat of summer I began to ponder how the bus takes its time to arrive at its destination .it’s like I just got shot by a bullet waiting to bleed out. The public bus the place you don’t want to be but have to be simultaneous. It’s a forsaken place for loners where all the single seats are salvation and the double seat is hell. but hey we need a ride to go to the place where we want to go. As time elapsed I looked around seeing the birds flying and the bus arriving however in the corner of my eye I saw a little boy running after his balloon. The balloon soars slowly towards the heavenly clouds and so does the boy in which I jumped in his place and push him away with no remorse of dying here. No family and no friends guess this is a perfect end and I died. but I opened my eyes to see the same birds flying I looked at my watch and realize I went back in time 5 minutes before the accident.

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