ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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    Ad link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ySyd8SvRw

    Rhetorical Situations:
    1) Purpose – To persuade viewers to purchase their newer model of cars.

    2) Audience – Individuals who enjoy sport cars, but also reliable.

    3) Rhetorical appeals –
    a) Ethos: Subaru is a very popular car brand being a Japanese company, extremely lightweight, and reliably built.
    b) Pathos: The ad causes a build-up of excitement and desire. After watching the performance of the vehicle, it makes people want it more.
    c) Logos: Since Subaru is a well-known company, they prove their handling through professional stunt drivers.

    4) Modes and Media – This ad provides teases, dramatic audio as the gears change (showing the sound of a sports car), and professional drivers making viewers picture themselves in their product.

    1) Common elements – It is shown on television and ad breakers

    2) Style – The style of the ad is to inspire and create desire. It is meant for individuals that enjoy sports cars and “coolness”.

    3) Design – The design of the ad was very simple. Showing the exterior and interior of the vehicle, the capability of the vehicle through driving, and the stats of the vehicle stock in basic white letters. It is important to notice that no words have been spoken in the ad and the audio creates suspense.

    4) Sources – Subaru



    Video link: https://youtu.be/ikFYt6QwA_0

    Rhetorical Situation:

    Purpose: to inspire young athletes to do something great and achieve something in their lives even if they aren’t a star like Kevin Durant but to work hard is always the key.

    Audience: athletes off all kinds not just basketball

    Rhetorical appeals:
    ETHOS: They are showing Kevin Durant in this commercial because at the time he was the reigning MVP in the NBA because of that Nike feels that he will have more of an impact on the consumers of Nike products also his signature clothing and shoes. That’s the credibility to show that Nike is legit.

    PATHOS: In the commercial it shows how his overall struggle during his career up until that point where he became a two time MVP and because of that maybe the viewers of this commercial felt some sort of sadness and connection towards Kevin Durant. This is emotion.

    LOGOS: Kevin Durant is arguably the best NBA player of all time and for him to be in a commercial representing a brand that is already well known shows that you should be confident when purchasing their products. Logical reasons, logos.

    Modes & media: this commercial uses visual affects and sounds to actually convey Kevin Durant’s journey in hopes you the consumer will find inspiration into playing basketball or just buying Nike products in general.


    Common example: This commercial was aired on tv, social media’s including YouTube, Facebook and possibly instagram.

    Style: They use motivation theme in the ad to give people that adrenaline rush to want to purchase any Kevin Durant clothing or Nike clothing in general.

    Design: they show a sort of montage of him grinding each and everyday with music that can somehow make you feel like working hard.

    Source: this is Kevin Durant, the one and only from 2010 to now. Men’s basketball.


    Samuel ugweje

    Ad link :https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=elRkKsgU4vk

    Purpose: The purpose of this AD is to promote a law firm called Cellino and Barnes, who insures to get you more coverage than your insurance company, when you have been injured in an accident that you weren’t responsible for.

    Audience: Victims of an accident.

    Rhetorical appeals:
    Pathos: They connect with their audience by stating that they will Give them a higher percentage than their insurance company offers so they can get their money’s worth.
    Logos: their evidence would be their clients who testified in the commercial that the company’s claims are solid.
    Modes and media: the AD uses visuals and text to emphasize the clients claim about how much more they receivers from cellino and Barnes compared to their own insurance company.
    Common Examples: this ad comes on tv in between commercial breaks.
    Styles: In order to prove the integrity of the company, the clients who have been helped came forward to testify using first person.
    Design: the ad interviewed individuals in the community to make those who want o reach out feel likely they are not alone. The music playing in the background is sort of soothing to make the audience feel like everything will be alright.
    Source: the sources used were the clients who actually received more than their company had to offer.


    Jamir Campbell

    1.Purpose: Too get people to buy sprite
    2.Audience: People that drink sprite
    3. Rhetorical appeals
    Ethos- They used Lebron James and chance the rapper in their commercials to get people to drink sprite.
    Pathos: none
    Logos: none
    4. Mode & Media It’s a video & has visuals and audio
    Common example: This can be found on YouTube
    Style: The tone is informal
    Design: The ad used a lot bright colors to draw their audience towards it.
    Sources: The source is Lebron James & Chance the rapper in the interviews.



    Ad link – https://youtu.be/FviSDTwm0a4
    Rhetorical Situation:
    1)Purpose – To make people buy the new volvo
    2)Audience –people who drive cars
    3)Rhetorical appeals :
    – volvo is a car dealership
    – Does not have a Pathos
    – it’s a really nice car
    4)Modes and Media- It is a video that convinces you to buy a new car and have a brand new volvo
    1)Common examples – It shows up on youtube most of the time before you start a video.
    2)Style – It shows you the interior and exterior of the car and all of the modifications it has
    3)Design – its car has multiple colors of your choosing
    4)Sources – I have no idea where they get their source from



    Link For Video: https://www.tvcommercialad.com/watch/YpICfcsAytbWzSD

    1. The purpose is: To have people save by buying a Ford car by using an analogy about staying clean.

    2. The Audience is: Anyone who wants to buy a car or anyone who is spending to much money on their car

    3. The Rhetorical Appeal is: Ethos because Ford’s announcer in the commercial relates to saving your clothing from ice cream spilling while knowing that people want to save their money when they buy a car; the analogy involves a women called a “Cookie Dough Ninja”.

    4. The mode & media is: a display of all of Ford’s Favorited models, and a women’s voice and music. The composer chose these modes in order to relate to the “Cookie Dough Ninja” analogy.

    5. Elements of the genre is: the consumer decides to show clips of people in the sun while holding ice cream and/or relaxing.

    6. The announcer is using 2nd person to relate to individuals who need a car.

    7. Images of fords latest models are being used.

    8. The type of sources being used could be a survey about how people eat ice cream and how much people save.


    Ariel Montesino

    Ad Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW03n1Osz5I
    Purpose- To interest the audience into buying skittles by providing humor.
    Audience- For everyone
    Rhetorical Appeals:
    Ethos- Skittles is from a well known candy company called Wrigley that has been providing quality candy and chewing gum products since they were founded 1891. They provide humor in their ads because skittles are widely known and they have to use other means to attract consumers and humor is a great way to do that.
    Logos- Many people love candy and its a very addictive substance so they in this video they made a joke saying its contagious like the chicken pox metaphorically of course.
    Modes and Media- the ad uses visuals to show that people love skittles and as for Media it is face to face.
    Common examples: The ad used to be seen on TV, but i just so happen to find this one on youtube but it can also be found through social media. Wrigley usually makes similar variations of this ad that are all very funny.
    Style: The video used a meme tone kinda poking fun at how people love skittles so much that its almost as contagious as chicken pox.
    Design- The video shows a dude telling this girl that he has skittles pox and so she decides to try one of the skittles on him. She then ends up asking if its contagious and we visually shown it is as she then gets the chicken pox and the dude then tries to hide the fact that is contagious.
    Source- The source is just a funny meme of skittles being almost as contagious as chickenpox since everyone loves them.



    AD: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    Rhetorical situation:
    Purpose: To get consumers/costumers to buy their new product

    Audience: Consumers

    Rhetorical Appeals:
    Ethos- a popular fast food chain restaurant

    Modes & Media: The ad uses an appetizing image of a chicken sandwich which makes viewers hungry

    Common examples:
    TV advertisements, Still image advertisements, coupons.

    Source: Popeyes
    Style: There is a persuasive tone

    Design: Just shows a chicken sandwich, and people eating it.



    AD: . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wXXCMRDbWc
    purpose: The purpose of this ad is to sell SK-II’s new toner.
    Audience: To gain the attention of the people who are concern about their skin care.

    Rhetorical appeals
    Ethos-Celebrity James Corden and Chloe Moretz are promoting the product
    Pathos- i am very concerned about my skin so it made me happy and i found it interesting knowing i can have nice and smooth skin in three steps
    Logos- none
    Mode and media-This ad uses visual effects and audio.The Brand hired famous Chloe Moretz to promote the Product.she encouraging people the product and showing them how easy is it to use.
    Common elements:usually pops up on youtube also on other sites.
    style:The tone os the Ad is friendly and positive
    Design:Bright color, used fun music also the background is white


    Angel Villarreal

    Ad Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xzN6FM5x_E
    1. Purpose: To have people buy their product, flex seal.
    2. Audience: People who tend to do DIY projects at home.
    3. Rhetorical appeals: It only has ethos as they demonstrate the products use.
    4. Modes and Media: The ad uses visual and audio. The composer probably chose these modes to catch the viewers attention. It is delivered digitally so it can be viewed anywhere with a screen.
    1. Common Elements: This ad can be seen anywhere with a screen through youtube, social media, and memes.
    2 Styles: The ad is in the first person and uses an informal tone. The level of vocabulary is standard as they simply want to push the product towards people and get them to understand how the product works.
    3. Design: The composer is constantly applying flex seal in different situations. Phil Swift cuts a boat in half and applies flex seal to repair the boat and proceeds to ride the boat.
    4 Source. None



    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdkE_833nV4

    Rhetorical Situation:
    1. Purpose – To make all the kid know, if you trainnig hard, everyone can be CR7
    2. Audience – People who like playing soccer.
    3. Rhetorical appeals
    Ethos – CR7 is one of the famous and pro soccer player in the world and he is a big idol to lot of male and female.
    1. Common examples – When watching a video
    2. Style – it show after CR7 and the kid after they change the body, but if you working hard. Everyone can be a pro player in the world.
    3. Design – more focus on how the kid become a pro player.
    4. Source – The source is having Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Martial & Harry Kane in the game.

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