ENG 1121 D440 Fall 2019

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  • Due 11/5 at 5PM: Three potential genres for your remix
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    1) The thesis from my research paper was to ease the stress on working college students caused by low minimum wages linking to more committed hours for income rather than their studies.

    2) As potential genres for my remix project: I was thinking video interview or a slideshow. These two choices allow me to express the information I have to offer more easily.

    3) No lol

    4) I have yet to find solid pieces for my remix, but I do have many ideas on how to construct it.


    The Greg

    1. To stop cyber harassment or online bullying.
    2. I’d probably use all three. Since I’ve decided to create a video on it, I’ll have someone as audio, some motion in the back and text explaining the solution.
    3. All three are very important when it comes to my idea.
    4. Photo essay would probably be my PlanB if the video (PlanA) doesn’t work.



    1.My thesis for call to action paper was to find a way for city tech architecture students to have a 24 hour open studio. And elaborate and how not having a 24 hour open studio affects ones potential of submitting quality work.
    2.Photo essay, short video, PowerPoint
    3.I think photo essay would be where I’m interested more
    4. At the moment I don’t have an example


    Thalia L. Frontani

    1) What is the call to action (thesis) from your research paper?

    suggesting graphic designers and traditional artists to try each others mediums.

    2) What are three potential genres that you might choose for your remix project? Why would these be a good fit?

    three potential genres that I might choose are either webcomics, illustrations and interviews between regular art students and I say it would be a good fit because everyone is attracted to art designs whether it is famous or not.

    3) Does any one genre stick out to you most of all?

    illustrations and interviews because it is a nice accommodation to the arts and the interviewee since it is their opinion with an illustration of themselves of how I see them from an artist’s point of view.

    4) Do you have any model texts that you might use to help you create the remix? (for example, if you want to make a photo essay, have you seen any photo essays that you might want to use as a sample as you create your own?) Feel free to post links for model texts!

    humans of new yorks instagram but with illustration of them with a picture of them.



    1) My research paper is about the relationship between Esport and gambling, and how to solve that issue.
    2) Im only have 2 now, photo essay and powerpoint.
    3) i think is the photo essay or story on IG, its easy to read and simple.
    4) For real i dont have any idea right now.


    Kevin Martinez

    1. One main issue college athletes face is that they are being taken advantage of by the NCCA and they would like to get paid for playing college games.

    2. Three potential genres that I might choose for my remix project is Photo essay, Short Video, Powerpoint and an Instagram account.

    3. Yes there are two genres that stick out the most to me and they are photo essay and short video.

    4. For the photo essay I found a couple of images that relate to my topic as well for the short video I found two videos that relate to my topic where current athletes and reporters talk about the issue at hand.

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