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  • First week's work...
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    Prof. Masiello

    Hello, class,

    You must respond with answers which you should post on our class site. You should post before the start of Thursday’s class.

    These questions are more specific than what I may have already asked you to think about.

    Failure to write/post/answer will constitute an absence.

    1. Please upload a photo of your face as your avatar on OpenLab. (If you are camera shy, please
    email me privately about the picture.)

    2. Please read the syllabus. It is not broken down week by week. The most concerning part is the
    research paper info. You are supposed to choose a novel to read that was later made into a
    motion picture and do a comparison. However, since this is a research paper, you need to add
    the opinions of professional book and film critics. I will show you how, but right now you should
    look over the book list and chooses something.

    It is not recommended to just coast by using a book you read in high school or some young adult
    book. Now that you are in college, you need to read different titles.

    Please post any questions you may have. Most of your classmates will have the same questions
    and my answers will help all of you.

    Questions for today:

    a. If you like to write, explain why you do and what kinds of writing you actually do aside from
    classwork. Some people like to keep journals, some like to write poems or lyrics, some write
    actual letters on paper to mail, etc. We will not count texting since many people use
    abbreviations, disregard punctuation, and add emojis.

    b. If you do not like to write, explain why. Is it because of a language barrier? (To just say it takes
    too long is not a good answer. It implies intellectual laziness.)

    c. Explain whether you like to read and what kinds of things you read. Do you subscribe to any

    d. Do you read newspapers or read news articles online?

    e. Do you have a favorite author and why is this writer good?

    f. Explain whether you feel you write better than you speak, speak better than you write, or do
    both the same (and hopefully both well, not the opposite, poorly).

    g. Think about what you use when you speak, the things you do to help get your message across.

    h. What parts of your face and body do you use?

    Explain what you can do with your voice to help convey your message.

    i. Now think about writing. In comparison, it might seem that writing is dull compared to speaking,
    but if you enjoy reading you know writing can be exciting and interesting. (I do not mean
    reading textbooks because you do that to learn, not to be entertained. If you enjoy reading
    textbooks, that is a nice plus. Now my question:

    j. What do you think good writers do that makes their writing effective and enjoyable?

    k. What can writers like you do to help add the emphasis and emotion that speakers use in their
    voices and body language?

    l. Create a list of every punctuation mark that is used in writing.

    m. Make note of punctuation marks you are not sure about using. List those too.

    Remember to post your responses on OpenLab as a Discussion entry by replying to these questions.
    You have until 2:30 Thursday to post and you may post additional answers throughout the week.

    Your name will be there so you get credit for your work.

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