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  • Sept. 14, 2021 Questions about the short story, "girl"
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    Prof. Masiello

    Questions about the first readings:

    “Girl” This is an extremely short short story. Unlike novels, short stories usually can be read all at once, have very few characters, and usually one plot line. They often also have a twist at the end.

    “Girl” questions:

    1 Who are the characters?

    2 Who is the narrator?

    3 How old is the girl?

    4 Who is doing most of the talking?

    5 How do you know when the other person is talking?

    (Note: the author chose not to use typical character names or quotation marks for dialogue.)

    6 Why do you think Kincaid, the writer, uses semicolons to excess?

    (This is a clever use of the semicolon because it says something about the speaker…)

    7 What exactly is the story about?

    8 Do you identify with the girl in any way due to things you were taught to do as a youngster?

    Please explain. Just a “yes” or “no” is not a good way to answer.

    9 Is there any surprise or irony in the last part about the baker?

    Please explain.

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