ENG 1101 Fall 2020 OL20 (26956)

Hello students,
We are going to do your second graded essay. I will post two prompts (assignment sheets) as separate documents and work to do. Since I still am evaluating the class work you have done, you have more than a week to finish the essay. You will do one of the two assignments about a horror film. These are two highly-rated classics not the “torture porn” that often passes for horror nowadays.

Below are two links to the complete films, Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining.

Some of you have probably never seen the former but many have seen the latter. The assignments are of equal weight.

I am only assigning one of the two, but if you find this work enjoyable, you may do both for extra credit.

Please do not rush because you need more recent feedback. When you are ready to email the work to me as a docx, let me know if I owe you any feedback first. Also see my previous messages about the usefulness of Grammarly. You can write directly into Grammarly or copy/past a finished essay into Grammarly to check for errors and then export your work again as a docx file to save and send.
The essay should be at least 1 ½ pages long (with a 12 point font and double spacing). It involves also reading a couple of articles from which you should quote. Soon I will show you information about how to include quotes.

Always add an interesting title that you create, not just The Shining or Horror Movies, something more indicative of what your essay attempts to say.

Horror film links: