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Discussion about "Salvation"
Questions about the readings: “Salvation” is a narrative essay, a memoir that is non-fiction. When you include it in your essay in a couple of weeks, please just call it an essay or a reading, not a short story. Please do not just answer with a yes or a no. Imagine you are in a classroom and raising your hand. You would have more content to say in such a setting in college. However, since therer are so many questions, your answers may be short. 1 Whose story is this, i.e. who is the author? 2 How old is he in his narrative? 3 Do you have any experience in a similar or different house of worship? 4 What exactly is happening on this particular day in his church? 5 Why does the boy say he sees Jesus? 6 Explain something that you may have said or done because you felt pressured by someone else. 7 How would you define peer pressure? Who are your peers? 8 Is peer pressure wrong all the time or could you be pressured to do something very good? “Peer pressure” is a phrase that has a negative connotation. 9 Please explain the difference between connotation and denotation. Good writing has sensory appeal. What are our five senses? Which of these senses are easier to appeal to in words? For example, with the sense of smell, if you read that something smells bad, does that have any appeal? When you look at an ad for a cologne or perfume, can you smell it in your mind or does the ad have to appeal to a different sense? When you see a movie or show and something is supposed to smell bad or good, how do you know? (In comparison, if something is ugly or pretty you can see it in a film or picture it in your mind’s eye.) Without going back to look, did you remember seeing any particular visual in this essay? If so, what did you make mental note of? 10 What was the boy’s actual mistake regarding what his aunt told him? 11 In the end, he implies that he does not believe in God. Do you think a person as young as he is can actually make such a decision in having faith?

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