Culinary Tourism Spring 2018

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  • Culinary Tourism: First Field Trip
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    Michael Krondl

    Please post your comments here on the food locations we’ve visited. Be specific.



    Upon arrival at industry city, I immediately thought of the Chelsea Market on the west side in Manhattan. The first place we went to was a meat shop and we spent the more time here.. They specialize in dry aged meat. The manager Andrew gave the class two different sample. The first sample was a thin slice of dry spicy sausage. It was a circular shape sausage. Andrew explained that all their sausages are 80% lean meat with 20% fat.
    The second meat that we tried was what they called Lomo. It is the meat from the pork chops. But they took the bones out and dry and aged it. The Lomo was a light salty meat.

    The second place we went to was called Brooklyn Kitchen. It is a felicity where people can take cooking classes and the staff will hold private and public classes. This location is a newer location. Their other location is in Williamsburg.

    Next stop was a bakery where they were just pulling fresh cookies out. But I was not really interested in their baked goods. A classmate and I decided to go back to the meat shop and buy a sandwich. My classmate bought a beef tongue sandwich. This was my first time eating beef tongue.

    The next and last stop was a chocolate shop. It was a big chocolate shop. Where they actually show how they made their chocolate products. Although they deal in big productions. the professor explained that the quality of the chocolate was not as good as another shop. The professor told the class a story where The chocolate shop started in Manhattan by a small family, but they was going to close the shop, So was sold to someone who loved their chocolate. But the man who purchase the shop passed away so his wife told over and it was passed down. After this shop the class was over.


    Tteur Chun

    I’ve been wanted to visit industry city since I found it out on social media, and I actually went there by myself with my best friends few days before our first field trip. Even though I went there already before, it was still a great experience to hear from the people who are working at the food hall in the industry city. It seems like they are not fullly developed yet and I’m really exciting to check out the Japanese villege and Hometown BBQ which will be opened soon.

    First, we went to the Sandwich shop and Butchery called, “Ends Meat,” Andrew told us breifly about the restaurant and gave us 2 different samples to try out. Suprisingly, they also offers sandwich for vegetarian and snacks for pets. Then, we went to Brooklyn Kitchen. Brooklyn Kitchen provides homecooking classes to people who are hesitate to learn cooking because of its difficultiness. They also offer private events. Besides these two shops, there are lots of interesting shops here such as avocaderia and craft sake bar.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed our first field trip and I’m definitely going to come back this location.



    we had the trip in Industry city. First, we were visited End of Meat, the store is very hot, I feel hard to breath when I stay in the store. But I like the meat which the owner let us try. The meat is very thin, and a little salty. When you taste, you can feel the meat has a little elasticity, when you chew, you can feel the meat is very tasty. And we had the sausage, the flavor is very good. It is salty, tasty, and I felt it is very suitable for beer.
    And then we went to a cooking school and a chocolate factory. There is interesting, I saw many stuff that I have not see it before.
    After that, I tried a ice cream in a ice cream store. The ice cream tasty good, but I did not feel any special.

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