Concierge Marketing Assignment/HMGT1101-E503

Leyla Dawouda

Professor: Hutchinson


Brooklyn waterfront project


The Brooklyn Waterfront is dominated by the Brooklyn Bridge Park – an 85-acre recreational area stretching 1.3 miles along the coast of Brooklyn’s East River (“Brooklyn Bridge Park”, n.d.).

The Park has ample to offer, ranging from playgrounds, bicycle paths and sports courts to scenic views of the New York skyline, ice cream parlors and wine bars.

For young children, there are various attractions like the SlideMountain (Image 1 and 8) and the SandboxVillage. The SlideMountain is designed to highlight the interaction of materials with the natural environment. As the concierge of a Brooklyn boutique hotel, I chose to target all three demographic segment.

Throughout the Park, there are a number of lawns and promenade for picnic spots (Image 2). These lawns are surrounded by a variety of other spaces such as sports courts for volleyball, football and basketball, as well as scenic views of New York across the river.

Walking through SquibbPark and Bridge is quite an experience. The bridge is made of timber, supported by bronze and galvanized steel, and is surrounded by abounding flora (Images 3 and 4).

The Granite Prospect in Pier 1 is a beautiful area to just sit and enjoy views of the New YorkHarbor (Image 9). This park has frequent cultural events, most of them open to the public, which can be rather interesting and entertaining too (Freudenheim, n.d.).

There are also a number of food and drink options available throughout the Brooklyn Waterfront area. These upscale food and beverage restaurants serve exquisite cuisines California-style Mexican foods, gourmet pizzas, exciting cocktails and lobster.

The Brooklyn waterfront offers something for everyone. It is a perfect way to spend an entire day. There is the river, the New YorkHarbor and skyline, bicycle rentals, gourmet food, refreshing cocktails, picnic spots, sports courts and abundant flora and fauna.



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