Concierge Marketing Assignment/HMGT1101-E503

Date: April 5, 2014
Professor: H Hutchinson
Course: Perspective to Hospitality Management
The Concierge Marketing Management
Name: Rosemay Chaperon

The Brooklyn Waterfront

The Brooklyn Waterfront in the early 19th century was the site where the following actions took place: Slave trading and importation of goods. In the 20th century, the waterfront became an industrial center for manufacturing, and warehousing. In this century, the place has been the subject to a major make over.

Today, this place is a gateway for young lovers and families with young children. It is a destination for travelers around the world. The waterfront is a place where visitors and Brooklyn residents can create memories and make new acquaintances. It is a peaceful place for meditation. It is perfect for picnics and outdoors activities. The view is breathtaking. There is also free Wi-Fi-network access. It is open all year round. Finally, every Thursday in the months of July and August The New York film classics are played on a big screen.