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    Description: Yushan Li<br /> <br /> HMGT 1101<br /> <br /> Prof. Hutchinson<br /> <br /> 4/5/14<br /> <br /> Waterfront is located between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, this vast park is a great place to enjoy the view of harbor and skyline. And is one of the photographic attraction. Many people been there to take the wedding pictures. There are several sections of the park, including Empire Fulton Ferry is a great place stopping point on your visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has the fabulous carousel name Jean’s carousel. It will open for rides all year but in certain time. There is a graceful lawn which is a perfect place to picnic and having the view of the harbor. Other main point is the main stress. Main stress has a playground and is right next to the Dumbo so you could access to Dumbo Wi-Fi while having fun the kids or enjoying the view. There are several area are still working in process it might be done around 2015.


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    Description: Date: April 5, 2014<br /> Professor: H Hutchinson<br /> Course: Perspective to Hospitality Management<br /> The Concierge Marketing Management<br /> Name: Rosemay Chaperon<br /> <br /> <br /> The Brooklyn Waterfront<br /> <br /> The Brooklyn Waterfront in the early 19th century was the site where the following actions took place: Slave trading and importation of goods. In the 20th century, the waterfront became an industrial center for manufacturing, and warehousing. In this century, the place has been the subject to a major make over.<br /> <br /> Today, this place is a gateway for young lovers and families with young children. It is a destination for travelers around the world. The waterfront is a place where visitors and Brooklyn residents can create memories and make new acquaintances. It is a peaceful place for meditation. It is perfect for picnics and outdoors activities. The view is breathtaking. There is also free Wi-Fi-network access. It is open all year round. Finally, every Thursday in the months July and August, the New York film classics are played on a big screen.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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