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    Irving Franco

    The article “Social media is a Bigger problem than You Think” by Mike Elgan was very interesting because it spoke about how addicted we really are to social media, and how the sites are designed to be addictive. It talks about the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect and how that plays a major role into us checking out feeds constantly. Another reason for so many people being on social media is that there family and friends are on social media so like it or not it’s usually the best way to get in contact and keep in touch with them. Lastly the article spoke about how there is a challenge called 99 Days of Freedom and it challenges you to go without Facebook for 99 Days. Even people who don’t consider themselves addicted can’t make it past a few days.

    Some image ideas that can be communicated through photography in the studio would probably be social media being a drug and staring at your phone zoned out

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