COMD 1340 D164 Spring 2020

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  • Photography Assignment - Clemson Brown
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    Clemson Brown

    This photo was taken within Hokkaido, Japan, and it appears to have a line up of trees in a seemingly cold area. I believe the photographer’s intention was to find a symmetrical alignment of trees that would form not only repetition but also a leading line that helps drag the eye into the impostor tree. I appreciate the idea of using very similar trees within the line before breaking the pattern but showing a different tree.
    This is believed to have an element of “Rule Of Thirds” because it appears that despite the white space, the photographer had a vision of where the line should appear within the frame of the photograph. It appears that the white space within the photo was completely intentional to add emphasis of the eye direction towards the trees themselves. This technique can help the viewer’s eye lead itself towards the alignment of the trees, so the lack of a subject of space helps the photo become into one subject of space as everything appears to have strong intention. The element “Leading Lines” is clearly used as you can see the trees being used to create an illusion line within the white space. The most important element is “Patterns and Repetition”, you can clearly see that there is a repeated amount of trees that appear to have a similar look to one another. Every tree looks very similar to one another until you meet the right side of the photo, where there is a very thin and pale tree that seemingly does not belong on the line. I believe that all of the factors and elements help create the photo into one great piece of photography.


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    As you state, Kenna used the rule of thirds to place the line of trees in the frame.
    It is also an excellent example of breaking a pattern.

    I am not convinced though that this is a good example of leading lines. Leading lines are lines first of all and they have to lead to something.

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