COMD 1340 D164 Spring 2020

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    Amal Gondal

    The photograph I chose is brooklyn bridge study 2 by Michael kennard. This photograph consists of elements of symmetry. It is taken from under the Brooklyn bridge and the bridge is centered which gives the photograph a perfect symmetry. And on both sides of the Brooklyn bridge there are buildings and water which makes it the sides almost identical.There is also elements of leading lines as u can see the city line crossing the brooklyn bridge. There is also repetition in this photograph, the buildings on both side if the brooklyn bridge.

    At the top left of the photograph you can see the moon which is the main focus point in this photograph. It catches the viewers attention and kind of balances off the symmetrical concept of the photograph.



    I agree that that symmetry is the most important formal element in this photograph by Michael Kenna. As you say, the moon breaks the symmetry.

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