COMD 1340 D164 Spring 2020

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  • COMD1340 HW1 Angel in the park
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    manuel razuri

    Manuel razuri
    H.W 1
    The Photograph I chose was Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York, USA. 2010 by Michael Kenna. The photograph depicts the fountain that stands in the lower area of central park standing since the 1860 an angel looking down at least the way the picture was taken that is the feeling i get from it , as for the intention of the photographer the angle he took really shows the intensity of the angel as he looks upon all the people that pass by when i look at the picture the mood i get from the picture is very welcoming the angel with open arms as if he is welcoming you to the park and embracing you.
    I believe the photographer used leading lines as the way the statue stands straight. It leads you straight to the main point of the fountain. Your eyes seem to be directly forced to look at the angel at the top leading away from the background and the children under the angel . Another formal element was figure to ground the contrast of the background allows you to focus on what i believe the photographer intended to focus on the main point of the statue to allow you to try and understand what the angel with open arms can mean to the viewer . Finally i the patterns and repetition from the bottom of the statue to the top the patterns are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but the way it interrupts from the small children to the angel on top allows for the picture to be instead of just a statue and more like the angel is coming out of the picture.



    The background is totally clean and completely without distraction. When you are photographing something think about how to either as Kenna does keep the background empty or how it can compliment the subject.

    I find the strongest element in the photo to be the dark oval of the underside of where the angel is standing that separates the two parts of the statue. I think it implies a separation between the angel and the children underneath.

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