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  • Trump's State-of-the-Union Address (Tues. Jan. 30)
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    If you listen to it, please feel free to post your thoughts on it here.

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    Here’s something to ponder. Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan started the tradition of having heroes as guests at the State of the Union address to be recognized near the end of the speech. Traditionally it was one or two. Trump took it to a new level: he had a whole roster of them, and he introduced them, not at the end, but all the way through the speech. In the process, there were true stories bound to elicit emotions, some for being tragic, others for being uplifting. What was the purpose of doing it that way? If you’ve taken any psychology classes, you should recognize some very specific terms that apply here. Your thoughts?


    Adeeb Mozeb

    After watching trump’s State-of-Union, and also watching people commenting about his speech. Many of the says ” the fear would be that small people will be forgotten, he talks about the lost men and the lost women, they are lost right now, because there’s nothing for them, Its all for the rich” I also believe that the state of the union is divided, we can’t survive if we continue down this path. Trump kept thanking and introducing his people and clapping for them. Also talking about him recognizing jrouslem as the capital of isreal and the countries who voted in the united nation against what he did. Those countries knows that what he did was wrong and also creating more conflicts between nations and countries in that part of the world, he respond to the as america is supporting those countries who voted against him with an excuse that america send them money. the message behind what he said is to tell that if america give a country supports, they should not say anything against what they doing which is very unethical. very shameful on him and his supporters. I’m sorry to whoever might offended by my opinion , but that’s my point of view on trump.
    Thank you


    Syed Rehman

    Trump’s State of Union Speech
    In Trump’s state of union speech,
    He addressed the issues and concerns that Americans are facing which are immigration policies on DACA recipents, unity of the american people, Military expenses, economy etc. He gave an effective and powerful speech to make America great again and talked about the accomplishment and successes that have been achieved so far.
    In my opinion, He spoke words of wisdom in this speech and discussed the issues that America is facing at the moment as compared to the previous speeches that had a negative impact on the viewers but the thing that matters the most is that if he fulfills all his promises that he has made, then he will be greatly appreciated by the Americans.


    Cesar Infante


    According to Mr. President, we’ve made incredible progress during our administration, and achieving many goals. Obviously, that is something unclear, what evidences do we have in order to trust? Is there any RELEVANT or IMPORTANT achievement?

    We have seen how the United States has achieved many goals since our administration started. Also, we see how President Trump thanks his colleagues and different areas of his government. Logically, from the point of view of the opposition party, the democratic party, and therefore, I disagree. We see how President Trump only highlights the positive things he has achieved, but what his administration does not know is that all Americans are seeing and following what is really needed in order to improve our society.

    The most important thing at this moment is to integrate all Americans, regardless of race, which we know is impossible in their administration. A phrase that really caught my attention which President Trump said was: The state of the union “is stronger” because our people are strong.

    According to him, since he started his government, 2.5 million jobs have been created, including manufacturing jobs. and the most ironic, “raising wages” in the whole country. Clearly, this man and his administration still have much to do and include in his government.

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    Make America great again. Really? A speech that reflects what the current administration really is: Incompetence and double discourse. Recognizing achievements as never before a president has achieved and in such a short time. Of course, this sounds logical to his followers. In my point of view, I believe that Mr. Trump should get to work and focus on the problems that really affect the American people. For example, illegal immigration is a matter that should be solved with a true reform and NOT with the construction of a wall. I am sure that this expensive wall will not guarantee that America will be great again.



    He can read…

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