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  • Assignment #2 Aural Topographies: Research
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    Jenna Spevack

    Listen to your favorite piece of music and describe what you hear. Imagine what these sounds look like and how they relate to each other. Describe them in terms of shape, line, pattern, repetition.



    As I listen to Welcome to Ibiza by DJ Tiesto it’s a techno song . To me the sound of this song I I can imagine thick lines going up and down real fast, like a dj with connecting small lines making a box. Not only that but also towards the middle there is a soft part where there you can picture circles, it continues this beat until the end like a pattern, every two-seconds it’s the same and at the end you feel like this beat is stuck to you because of its beat pattern. It relates because it’s a techno song that doesn’t have much words but its beat and how you can easily picture it, and move to a pattern repeated way. This song you can imagine so many shapes and lines all over the place or a steady creative line. According to how i hear it
    Below is the song if you guys want to hear.



    its hard for me to pick a song i have way to many favorites way to many good old songs that i can listen to but i pick one that i know i love to listen to every time i get its a tome waits song from 1974 LP The Heart of Saturday Night the song is called drunk on the moon its a piano and sax bluesy song that starts slow and picks up and slows down i dont know why but when i think of this song circle vibrating circles expand all over the page getting bigger starting light and getting darker and thicker by the time the song picks up getting lighter by the song ends and i can see the lines fore the sax waving as to tune goes up and down scrambling a little as it gets more up tempo with the drums and the piano the song has a simple beat there’s a pattern a tempo that you can fallow i love the LP like jessica i will add a like if you are interested i will say tom waits is not a singer that not every one will enjoy like Daniel Durchholz said “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.” so i hope you like it


    Sean Nurse

    One of my favorite songs is by Sublime, its called “waiting for my Ruca” its a very calm song that has a nice catchy beat to it. It’s very calming for me to listen to and eases my stress. Drums provide a consistent beat and give the song pattern and rythmm. the vocals start out quiet and occasionally increase and decrease with the with the beat of the drum.
    I imagine the song looks like smooth lines going up and down at times becoming more jagged and large and then getting small and smooth again. Overall the lines would convey a calming effect and only change for breif periods. I think the song does an excellent job of combining the calm melody with a louder more aggressive sound.

    Here is a link for anyone who wants to hear the song.


    Yuliya Bas

    We’re In This Together by Nine Inch Nails is probably one of my favorite songs because it’s upbeat and industrial. At the beginning the song make slightly curved lines but when the music really kicks in, the lines start to zig-zag at extreme angles and become heavy. Trent starts singing and lines start to thin out, curve again and make spirals , occasionally flat-lining when the music become deceptively calm. But when the chorus and the heavy beat come together, the song’s power is at its peak and becomes an erratic mash of lines going in multiple directions, making a messy grid. When the song is finally wrapping up, Trent introduces piano music as if to lighten the mood of such an imposing beat with wispy lines and circles.

    Have a listen:


    My Favorite song is Peso by A.S.A.P rocky the song is somewhat of a slow rap song. It’s a song where you can sit, listen and let your mind go. I will put the YouTube video so you can hear,but I’m putting up the instrumental version because of the lyrics. When listening to this song i visioned just wavy lines going down the page. As i kept listening I felt relaxed, so i just let my pencil flow and let the music do the drawing. the wave like lines are soft. making about 3 waves until it reaches the other edge of the page. The 3 waves are which make the pattern. it makes it look like its a wave…so i guess we can say its organic.


    The song I chose was Maxwell pushing to pull which is an r and b song that touches the soul and allow’s you to get in contact with your inner feeling in my opinion.The song vibration, smooth and intellectual sounds stand’s out instantly. Maxwell Pushing to pull song put emphasis in love and Maxwell significant belief in sexual attraction which involves understanding a woman, not objectifying her. Understanding a woman involves the pushing before pulling close to her as a understanding to becoming close to that women as time go on.To Portray Monotony lines, which are a lack of variety and interest tedious in repetition and routine while listening to music, I used straight lines.

    When I heard anything else outside the repetition of the beat and song I took it as an understanding of variety line or a change in rhythm because of the thump or shift in monotony. The systematic trend was used to put emphasis in the constant beat or repetition within the monotony and r and b hip-hop song played.Overall the song stimulated my mind and allowed me to be focused and toned into the work


    One does not simply choose ONE favorite song! But for the purposes of this project, I chose Paradise City!
    I chose this song because every time I listen to this song, no matter where I am, I can automatically warp myself to somewhere beautiful. I can picture myself cruising down Sunset Blvd. in a ’73 red Cuda, it’s just a feel good song! There is repetition, but not to a point where it is monotonous and boring, its an interesting type of repetition… I know I’m late, but it’s been a busy week -__- Can’t wait for class today!


    Jenna Spevack

    Some great descriptions of how one might visualize the sounds and rhythms!

    Those of you that have left out the specific details. Re-read the instructions and repost:

    “Listen to your favorite piece of music and describe what you hear. Imagine what these sounds LOOK like and how they relate to each other. Describe them in terms of shape, line, pattern, repetition.”



    The song i picked was the song “Doing It Wrong” by Drake featuring Stevie Wonder. This happens to be one of my favorite songs because it’s a song that you can relax and reflect on. The beat is very simple but has a lot of repetition. Picture a beat that is consistent with just a couple of rises when the bass hits. It has great patterns within the beat. One of my favorite parts of this song is towards the end with Stevie Wonder. He changes the pitch of the beat but it just goes perfectly. This song can be described as waves going on and on with a couple of moments where the waves will get higher and then lower. Absolutely great song. Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out.

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