Jovan Martin gave a great and inpiring presentation. She attanded University of Maryland w2here she received a degree In Finance. She then realized that this career was not something she liked and she was not passionate about. Jovan realized that liked to work with people that were creative, she decided to switch her career and got an MBA in marketing from Wharton university Pennsylvania. After her graduation she Started working at grey then moved to London and worked for mediacom. 

Now she works for unilever. The dove commercial “ Courage” Was very interesting to watch and learn the creative process. She has worked for very important and inspiring campaigns. For example, She worked on a very touching 3:48 minute film for “Dove” about toxic influence. This is a very strong and touching film about the toxic social media can be. Jovan discussed more great projects that she has been a part of. I really enjoyed this presentation, learned a lot and was very inspired and definitely going to follow Jovan on social media to learn more.

Image: Jovan Martin’s zoom presentation for class.

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