I have learned a lot from the readings about copyright and ethics. There I visited the artandculture.com website for the virtual exhibition on Artists in Their Times: Korean Modern and Contemporary art -since the late 1970s. I was not very familiar with Korean art and I was fascinated and inspired by this exhibition. The use of colors and the very interesting and particular designs caught my attention. Since this is my first time visiting a museum virtually, I didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleased with how well organized the information and imagery are displayed. On the first page, there is an introduction to the exhibitions followed by the first Figurative painting from the late 1970-to 1980s.

These paintings consist of real and figurative art. The next paintings from the 1980s are paintings portraying “the three materials known as jipilmuk (paper, brush, and ink) was the first real use of the term “hangukhwa” (meaning “Korean painting”). Another interesting type of art is Minding Art which is a Korean art movement that focuses on content and narrative. Moreover, Something that interested me from this exhibit was the Korean Dream, Shin Younseong. This artistic concept consists of the collection of abandoned fans and destroying them with a grill, hammer, etc to destroy their original function. This is a critique of capitalism. In the 1990s, the artist focused on creating art that represents Korean art of globalization. Lastly, in the 2000s the focus was the daily life and Popular Culture, the artists focused on daily life activities rather than a specific situation or individual. 


image: artandculture.com

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