The internship with AAgrapevine is going very well and I am learning so much. This week I have been asked to work on the 2023 Calendar. I got nervous right away because I never worked on a calendar before. I checked some videos on YouTube right away which helped me a lot. The first step was to pick images from a submission contest that the company does every for members of AA to submit images to be considered for the calendar. Once I pick the images I had to work with one of the writers for the quotes. Every month has a different quote. These quotes are translated into Spanish and French. Then I set up the settings on InDesign, I wasn’t sure about the dimensions so I got some help setting it up, and after it and all the months are in. I proceed to add the images and quotes. This project gets reviewed a few times and changes are requested. This project took me a little while and it was challenging for me but once the final product arrived I was very happy and proud of myself. More importantly, now I know how to make calendars!

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