Meeting W 3/13 and Gathering W 3/20

Green Spaces/Freedom by Design: Gathering today and special event next Wednesday, 3/20 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Come by V813 at 5:00 PM today, March 13th,  if you’re around. We’ll be discussing and finalizing the presentation for the President tomorrow, as well as putting several seedlings in larger containers, and planning out the coming weeks of activities and action. All the seeds we’ve planted have sprouted except a two stubborn  types of wildflowers, so we have about 18 types of plants growing (are there any photo bloggers out there? ). 

An important announcement: one special event is next Wednesday evening. It is a class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on preparing  gardens for spring. It begins at 5:30 PM on Wednesday March20th and ends at 8:00 PM (2.5 hours). Everyone is welcome but the number of seats are slightly limited so please RSVP. We can go earlier in the afternoon to see the botanic gardens – and the weather looks great for the 20th! 

Please RSVP for the BBG Class Preparing for Spring.

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