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Painting with light

  My group got this picture by using a strobe light to capture the subject and using a 20″ shutter speed to capture the light. We took this picture twice because we wanted to ensure that there is a connection … Continue reading

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Class Trip

#1/ Matthew Pillsbury: City Stages Definitely one of my favorite exhibition. The exhibit consist of familiar landscapes and places that I’ve visited countless times. I love the timelessnes of the black and white photography whilst the photographs themselves depict a … Continue reading

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This is my personal favorite picture because the lighting fills her face leaving almost no shadow. Also hiding imperfections and giving her face a fresh and very pretty appearance.

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I like this particular photograph of Angel because of the lighting and the facial expression. There’s a nice contrast of shadow and light making the photo not too serious or dramatic because with a different lighting there would be a … Continue reading

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This photograph is my personal favorite because of the oblique angle and the shallow depth of field. The light direction is from the side using the soft box creating a low contrast image.  

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The Lams of Ludlow Street

  The Lams of Ludlow Street Thomas Holton, The Lams of Ludlow Street, is an incredible visual journey of a Chinese family living in Chinatown. Through the photographs, I felt like I was part of their lives and that I … Continue reading

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Lesson 2: using composition

This is my favorite picture because it’s using the rule of thirds as well as shallow depth of field. Also the strong vertical line contrast with the x in the background makes it’s visually interesting.

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GERMANY ELECTIONS I chose this  particular photo because of the depth of field. It creates a ethereal effect on her face. Also there’s an intimacy of the framing of her face and a juxtaposition of the rain and her face in … Continue reading

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