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Painting with light

In this image we used a blue filter in front of the light to create the blue effect on the me. I posed when the flash went off, and immediately after painted the heart on my chest. I think this … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

This is my favorite picture of our group’s images. Even though it’s abstract it is telling a story, the scarves position on the top of the photograph creates a downward motion, especially with the darker pink one going in an … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

We created this photo by using a long shutter speed, about 4 seconds, the ISO was set to 100 and the aperture was about 22. These settings creates a blurry effect on anything that moves, this is why the person that’s … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

1. Photographer: Matthew Pillsbury, Exhibit: City Stages, Gallery: Aperture Foundation City Stages is an exhibition with black and white photographs shot with long exposures – anything moving in the frame becomes blurry. Pillsbury captures urban environments from big cities like New … Continue reading

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I think this portrait is successful because of her happy expression and the back lighting, the light in the back makes her “pop” out of the frame. Her face is side lit so that the left side is bright and … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction On Roses.

The lighting direction in this image is from the side, we used a soft box on this photograph which makes the background appear grey, and the flowers have a soft and low contrast look. The object is shot in the … Continue reading

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In Class Shoot of Chair.

I chose this picture because I like the shapes in it, the extreme close up, along with the lines on the floor, are creating abstract forms, which appeals to me. This image has got strong vertical lines with some curves. … Continue reading

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Emire State Building by Michael Kenna.

Empire State Building, Study 1, New York City, USA, 1978. By Michael Kenna. Michael Kenna, a black and white landscape photographer, caught my attention with his minimalistic and mystical style. This particular image is one of my favorites. He has captured … Continue reading

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Northeast Snow

Here cars are buried in snow near Connecticut, where a storm hit in february 2013. The cars are parked in vertical lines, this fact, together with the massive amount of vehicles, creates a strong visual pattern.  

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