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Painting With Light

This was one of my favorite images taken in this shoot. The tint of the image gives it a sci-fi feel and the circles created by the light doesn’t only frame her, it also adds on to the sci-fi theme. … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

I think that the low angle perspective in this image is very interesting, the fact that the image goes from light to dark; left to right feels like the people who are blurred are running into a cave metaphorically speaking.

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Angel Crespi Digital photography HW# 6 Matthew Pillsbury gallery was one of the most interesting galleries we visited; his subjects were mainly city attractions that he would capture in black and white. my first thoughts of the exhibit was that … Continue reading

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the lighting in this image is beautiful, the shadow of the image is soft. the backlight allows there to be  lighter amounts of tones allowing the whole image to glow. the key light allows the image to be in focus … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This image was taken using the side light method, this method is my favorite one because it adds some amazing and dynamic shadows that blend into the solid black background of the composition. This image specifically stood out the most … Continue reading

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The Chair.

This image stood out the most to me because the of its extremely high contrast between the dark chair and the light background. the shapes the chair make looks very cartoon like and not serious making it feel comical.

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