Perspective and Shallow Depth of Field



I found this photo by one of my classmates to be very amazing and interesting. This photo has both shallow depth of field and perspective. Depth of Field is the distance between the nearest and farthest points that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph. The closer part of the bench is very clear and you can see the writing on the bench very clearly. The writing shows the depth of field in this photo and the farther back the bench is, the more blurry it is. This is also the same for the writing on the bench. While is it a good example of depth of field, it is also a good example of perspective. Perspective is when the photo or object gives the right impression of height, width, depth and position in relation from the viewer’s point. When I take a look at this photo, it feels like I’m looking down the an alley way or that I’m there kneeling down looking down the bench myself because the bench is in a such a position that it gives the feeling of depth and width.

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